4 Major Varieties of Watch Bands – Choose the Most Appropriate One for Your Watch

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Accessories |

seiko sportura ssc361p 21mm black genuine leather watch strapA watch is a multipurpose accessory; for example, they not only help you track time, but also complete your look. Every watch has its own unique vibe, and the component that plays an important role in its overall beauty is the watch band. A watch band is something that you cannot afford to ignore because it’s the band which is often grabs more attention than the face of the watch.

Here are some major varieties of watch bands from which you can choose the most appropriate one to suit your watch e.g. an appropriate Seiko watch band.


The NATO strap is the best when you want a casual look, regardless of what watch brand you are wearing. It is made of nylon and is available in a huge variety of designs and colors. What makes a NATO strap unique is its single-piece creation because most other straps are made from two separate pieces and while applying, both the spring bars should be removed whereas a NATO strap being woven beneath the springs can be applied or removed in a few seconds. Other prominent features of a NATO strap are its simple slip-through design, durability, affordability, stylish looks and water resistance.


Zulu band resembles much to the NATO strap, but is a little sturdier and is made of either leather or nylon. Being thicker, this band looks good with watches that are larger. It also has more prominent-looking stainless steel detailing. ZULU band has notch holes which cut by laser, and they available in both 3 and 5 ring configuration, rather than the four found on NATO band.


A link or bracelet band comes in various options of materials, like gold, titanium, wood and stainless steel. This bracelet band is a dressier option than a leather band and you can wear it on occasions like an interview, dinner, party or on work. There are four different types of bracelet bands viz., Jubilee, Oyster, Engineer and President, based on their patterns of links.


The Ceramic band is lighter and more durable than all other types of watch bands. Its prominent features are it’s dust proof and scratch proof, and gives a shiny elegant look. The most popular ceramic band color is white, because it is the most attractive and sought-after of all colors, and it expresses style and attitude. Ceramic band is more popular to accompany ladies watches. Ceramic bands don’t contain any coating, which means people with sensitive skin can still wear these bands without worrying about an allergic reaction.

Choose the right band from these for your watch and make a statement.