The Bag You Use Says About Your Personality

Posted by on Oct 7, 2017 in Accessories, Fashion Tips |

boho vintage tassel sling bag by TwinnyWinnyIt’s well-known that our clothes reveal our personality. But do you know that your handbag reveals your personality too? Here are a few things you may be surprised to know about handbags how they can disclose your mind and how you should choose one according to your personality or the personality you want to show out.

Tote – Prejudiced Yet Committed

If you are very firm about your opinions despite they are unpopular and a goal-setter having a powerful sense of initiative, there are high chances that you love to wear totes! You may wonder how the bag you use says about your personality. But if you use some amount of logic and common sense, you’ll find that it’s easy. A tote is fit for a person who has a lot to juggle in her life as it can fit just anything needed to meet her goals. The person is an organizer not afraid of taking an initiative and a stance for her strong beliefs.

Tote by TwinnyWinny

Cross-Body – Need Not Carry a Lot of Products

If you are a cross-body fan, chances are that you need to carry only necessities, like wallet, phone, keys and a very few other things when you leave, and for this a cross-body is perfect. A cross-body is ‘fun’ctional, and subtle yet prominent and you aren’t weighed down with it, still creating an impression while on the move.

Backpack – Loves Adventures

If you dream of traveling the world only with essentials, it’s highly possible that you love to wear a backpack that features comfort as well as style. Women who love hands-free lifestyle, without eliminating their fashion sense, believe in healthy living, love to wear backpacks and their minds as well as bags are clutter-free.

boho geometric print canvas backpack by TwinnyWinny

Shoulder-bag – Show off Status

If you love to wear shoulder-bags, it’s high possible that you love to show off your status and impress people with your fashion sense. A covetable shoulder bag is the ultimate sign of success and status for you and therefore you are after increasing your collection. You value utility, but even about showing off all the bells and whistles, and both your goals are met with an iconic shoulder bag.

Hard Shell Clutch – Love Partying

If you love hard shell clutches, probably you love laughing, dancing, socializing and feeling young always, and there are high chances that you love to wear a little black dress. A hard shell clutch clearly shows that you are outgoing.

Thai elephant clutch by TwinnyWinny

Do you agree with these predictions? Whether you do or don’t, take care to choose great handbags to make a style statement and maximize your comfort level at the same time!