The Cooper Submaster Automatic

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Accessories |

cooper watchIf you are a modern man who appreciates vintage style and looking for a beautiful watch with Omega or Rolex quality that will be able to endure the toughest environment, you might have thought about some more affordable options. The Cooper Submaster Automatic is similar in looks to the Rolex or Tudor Heritage Black Bay and, arguably, it is doing exactly the same thing. The only problem regarding the Cooper Submaster Automatic is that this project needs some financial support. So, to get one, they are campaigning at indiegogo at

The Cooper Submaster Automatic is a military divers watch with special design details making it a truly unique dive watch. It takes the classic vintage styling of the Rolex Submariner, while tacking on some more aggressive, sportier features designed to maximize visibility, since it’s main focus is military usage. Anyone looking for an affordable, yet high quality divers watch could take their chance with the Cooper Submaster Automatic. Indeed, you can’t go wrong with this type of product, carefully crafted to be both practical and beautiful.

Have you already fallen in love with Cooper Watches Support this campaign and make this dream come true! Above mentioned indiegogo campaign waits for you. Or, check out the project on pitchfuse: If, however, you don’t have enough money to fund this watch making story, you’ll still be able to help. Share Cooper Watches story on your social media accounts and follow and/or like this project on Twitter @cooperwatch81 and Facebook It takes only a minute and it can make a difference!