TJ Source – Art Combined with Style

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slingset TJ SourceWhy do you want all excellent things for yourself? It’s because such things make you feel very special. They denote your personality which is stylish and has a love for art and beauty. If you want all such special, unique belongings, in one place, you now have a fantastic online store named TJ Source.

What is TJ Source?

TJ Source has unique collection of stylish purses, phone cases, neckties and jewelry in which you can experience art on a personal level. These pieces have been created by Tabby Noorbakhsh. At TJ Source they strive to create products in an affordable price range which allows you to give a special artsy gift to yourself or to someone special in your life.


Brightness and Fun

Tabby’s art style encapsulates the bright colors and fun, flirty lifestyle of Miami and her work has been featured for Miami Art Basel 2015 At Art Fusion Galleries in the Wynwood Arts District, the world’s largest art exchange. Her original vibrant paintings are exhibited throughout South Florida and TJ Source are proud to now be able to offer products that showcase her happy paintings and inspiring color arrays.

TJ Source is made up of dynamic duo Tabby and Jose, who are partners in both life and business. Years of modeling and acting in the fashion industry coupled with Business and Leadership forums led them to explore their own authenticity in order to create a brand that is completely different from others. Through a lot of inner searching and discovering their greatest strengths, they found a way to make a contribution to society through their functional art goods. They find inspiration for their art pieces and new products in nature as well as in fashion and through their international travels.
They firmly believe that art can be used as a form of therapy and their wearable art goods can deliver healing and positive energy while also being fun and fashionable. They love the synergy of this work and how elements from so many industries can be combined to deliver outstanding quality products to their customers. Visit their online store to grab some fantastic pieces for you and your loved ones.

slingset TJ Source