Top Tips to Choose the Best Cufflinks

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silver lego cufflinksThe tiny-looking cufflinks have an immense importance in men’s fashion because they offer a great getup to men’s personality. From the early cufflinks that were made of strings, they have evolved to today’s most fabulous and diverse types of cufflinks. Whether you are a man who likes a professional and presentable look or a man who wants to impress others with his dressiness, cufflinks are essential accessories that make all the difference and help you dress up or down based on the event. Only if you take a little care of choosing the right cufflinks from amongst a wide range of options, it will make you stand out. Here are some tips.

Choose the Right Type

It’s obvious that cufflinks should match your shirt, but even among the matching cufflinks, there is a range available. Important is to choose the right one. Here the first step is to know the type of closure the cufflinks have. Different types of closures affect your shirt’s sleeves and your overall appearance differently. Fortunately, with the exception of fabric and silk knot cufflinks that suit more to informal events, most cufflinks are suitable to most events.

The terms like ‘whale back’ and ‘bullet back and toggle’ are just the ways in which cufflinks are fastened. For example, the bullet back and toggle is the commonest type and most secure and easiest to fasten too. The small metal stick is called bullet and is swung between two posts and turned into ninety degrees to secure. Another type is ‘ball return’ which has a fixed backing and offers a loose fitting than the bullet back and you just have to slip it through the buttonhole. The most traditional closure is chain link cufflink and typically comprises of a pair of rectangular metal pieces suspended in a chain.

Each cufflink, irrespective of its closure, differs in formality based on the pattern or material of its decorative disc.


The material of cufflinks also decides formality. For example, curated cufflink designs made with precious stones like diamonds, rubies etc are perfect for formal events along with plain gold or silver cufflinks, while materials like enamel, glass or titanium for cufflinks are versatile for varied levels of formality. As mentioned above fabric or silk cufflinks are more apt for informal occasions.

Simple Looks Great

Cufflinks look great if they are not very ornate. They should accentuate your dress and not dominate it. Best is to invest in different pairs made of more versatile materials, like platinum, gold, titanium or glass, and luxurious materials like precious stones or enamel and that will make you look presentable for every occasion.

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