3 Easy Tips that will Make You Wear Hair Extensions Easily and Naturally

Posted by on Mar 5, 2018 in Beauty |

Clip In+Halo hair extensions by Clipo Hottie HairAre you longing to wear hair extensions but are afraid of making it a blunder? It’s because you have seen some girls’ hair extensions looking fake and tacky. But there were also times when you didn’t notice some other girls’ extensions till they or someone else told you that they were wearing them. The key here is to learn just some tips and tricks of wearing them perfectly and you are done! Here are a few such tips that will be a lifesaver for you.

1. Pick up the Right Hair Extensions

Choosing the right hair extensions is a prime step in getting a gorgeous look with the extensions. High quality hair extensions resemble natural hair. Remy hair is supposed to be the highest quality hair extensions because the cuticles on each of its strand face in only one direction. You can style them just as you style your own hair. E.g. the Clip In+Halo hair extensions by Clipo Hottie Hair is an amazing product which merges two of the most coveted types of hair extensions, viz. Clip In and Halo Style thereby forming an exclusive 3-piece set.

Why Clip-Ins and Halo Style together? It’s because though clip-ins offer greater coverage and full volume with their 7 to 11 pieces, they are highly time-consuming, whereas Halo Style hair extensions are not time-consuming but they don’t offer full coverage. To get the best of both worlds, CryStyle, the founder of Hottie Hair, brought in the innovative product in the form of Clipo Hottie hair which merges both these types of hair extensions that offers you voluminous hair within seconds.

Choose such a high-quality product for great looks.

2. Straighten Your Own Hair into Extensions

Straightening your own hair into extensions is a great trick to blend extensions perfectly with them. You can do this easily by clipping your hair extensions like regularly you do and then straighten your hair. After you finish, leave the hair to cool down for say 5-10 minutes. And then you can style your hair in whatever way you want, e.g. waves, curls etc. Whatever style you choose, this trick will help you blend the extensions seamlessly into your own hair and you can get a natural, gorgeous look.

3. Fix Short Hair around the Neck

Are you concerned about the pesky shorter hair around your neck that discloses the fact that you are wearing extensions? Here’s a trick to fix them. Just section off your hair at the nape of your neck. Now coil it around your finger and then pin it into place using bobby pins. Once these twirls are secure, you are free to clip your extensions on top. This will give you freedom from those irritating hairs around the neck after wearing the extensions and no one can find out that you are wearing extensions.

Follow these tips and have that flawless look that will make you proud.