Browse New Exercise and Fitness Programs to Enhance Your Beauty

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Beauty |

exercise is good for beautyEveryone knows that exercise is good for health. But do you know that it is good for beauty too? The beauty benefits of exercise reach much farther than just being toned and thinner. Here’s why you should browse new exercise and fitness programs if you want to look good.

Effect on Skin and Hair


First of all, exercise will show immediate positive effect on your skin. Exercise boosts your heart-pumping circulation and so, all your cells get increased blood flow with more oxygenated blood. This blood helps in detoxification and cell renewal, more effectively than any costly skin lotion!

Increased oxygenated blood benefits hair too by bringing antioxidants to the scalp, destroying free radicals before they can harm hair and nourishing the follicles. Also exercise provides relief from stress which in turn prevents hair loss.


Improvement in Cellulite


As you know cellulite is the orange-peel-like skin appearance. It takes place due to reduced lymph circulation. Lymph is a body fluid which contains white blood cells that fight toxins and diseases. Exercise, particularly yoga, flushes lymph around your fatty body parts, enabling it to move around more freely and pushing toxins out, thereby reducing cellulite. Inversions or upside-down poses are particularly good for this purpose.


Prevention of Bad Effects of Aging Process


This is because exercise makes hormones release in your body that reduce stress. Stress makes facial muscles to be tense because of which wrinkles appear. Dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine are the soothing hormones that are secreted during exercise. Studies done by the University of California have also shown that workout also prevents aging at cellular level and not only molecular. Thus women with a lot of stress if exercise daily show fewer signs of aging on their cells, compared to those who are stressed but inactive.


Improvement in Acne


Exercise can improve even acne. Sweating during exercise flushes out cellular debris and helps rectification of hormonal imbalance responsible for acne. Particularly yoga brings down levels of your adrenal stress hormone which is closely associated to acne. However, this sweat should be wiped or washed right after workout, otherwise it can make acne worse.


Promoting Good Sleep


According to the National Sleep Foundation, afternoon exercise brings about deeper and faster sleep. Deep sleep helps secretion of more growth hormone which is responsible for repair the wear and tear of body, which in turn means collagen maintenance and thereby glowing skin.

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