Serigraphy – A Beautiful Printing Trend You would Love

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butterfly pattern, Serigraphy TokyoIf you love various types of printed clothing, you will love the pieces adorned with serigraphy. Serigraphy is also called silk screening and is a stencil-based process of printing wherein ink is pushed through a fine screen on the paper beneath. The original art includes a screen made of silk, but nowadays nylon and polyester screens are also used.

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Top Tips to Choose the Best Cufflinks

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silver lego cufflinksThe tiny-looking cufflinks have an immense importance in men’s fashion because they offer a great getup to men’s personality. From the early cufflinks that were made of strings, they have evolved to today’s most fabulous and diverse types of cufflinks. Whether you are a man who likes a professional and presentable look or a man who wants to impress others with his dressiness, cufflinks are essential accessories that make all the difference and help you dress up or down based on the event. Only if you take a little care of choosing the right cufflinks from amongst a wide range of options, it will make you stand out. Here are some tips.

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Top Tips for Buying a Faux Fur Coat

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mongolian faux fur fuchsiaYou should buy faux fur instead of natural fur because there are many reasons for that. Firstly faux fur is no less than natural fur anywhere in softness, warmth, beautiful look and durability. It’s easy to maintain too. Plus it’s lightweight, not a heavy burden on your body or bag. It costs much less too. And most importantly, you don’t have to have the guilt of being a reason for an innocent animal’s death! But are you unaware of where to start your shopping? Here are some tips.

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Excellent Tips to Buy Second-hand Watches

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watches of wales - women's Rolex watchBuying a second-hand watch may seem to be an easy option but you may have to consider a lot of factors. You may plan to buy a luxury watch, a sports watch or a casual one and you will get an affordable timepiece while searching through second-hand watches, that is much more high quality than a brand new watch. You will have to consider different factors while choosing a woman’s and man’s secondhand wristwatch.

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Avocado Seed Jewelry – The Trendiest Accessories that are Eco-friendly Too!

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preppy bolo tieA number of uses of avocado seeds have been found, such as using them in hair dyes and scrubs for better results and as safer cosmetic ingredients, and for nutritional purpose, like blending avocado seed powder in smoothies. But anyone hardly might have thought of another beautiful use of these seeds – for making great-looking Avocado seed jewelry! But when you will see the CosmiziAvocado’s Etsy shop, you will come to know how beautiful these seeds can look if treated that skillfully.

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