Top 6 Style Tips for Groomer’s Clothing

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groomer's apparelJust because you are a pet groomer, you need not keep away from looking fashionable and trendy. Even in your groomer’s apparel, you can bring as much fashion as you want. Plus, the specialized groomer’s wear can save you from all the messy pieces resulting from your work. Here are easy ways to look stylish while performing your groomer’s duties.

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Serigraphy – A Beautiful Printing Trend You would Love

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butterfly pattern, Serigraphy TokyoIf you love various types of printed clothing, you will love the pieces adorned with serigraphy. Serigraphy is also called silk screening and is a stencil-based process of printing wherein ink is pushed through a fine screen on the paper beneath. The original art includes a screen made of silk, but nowadays nylon and polyester screens are also used.

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Top Tips to Choose the Best Cufflinks

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silver lego cufflinksThe tiny-looking cufflinks have an immense importance in men’s fashion because they offer a great getup to men’s personality. From the early cufflinks that were made of strings, they have evolved to today’s most fabulous and diverse types of cufflinks. Whether you are a man who likes a professional and presentable look or a man who wants to impress others with his dressiness, cufflinks are essential accessories that make all the difference and help you dress up or down based on the event. Only if you take a little care of choosing the right cufflinks from amongst a wide range of options, it will make you stand out. Here are some tips.

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How to Wear Men’s Velvet Blazers

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cool-royal-blue-velvet-blazer-1There is one piece of clothing all rock stars, mansion owners and dandies have in common: a velvet blazer. However, it’s not easy to wear a velvet blazer with style. Velvet is soft to touch, smooth and has a subtle sheen; it’s a fabric that gets you noticed. We’ve asked experts in mens velvet blazers to give us some tips on wearing this clothing item in a best possible way.

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Don’t bother the occasion; chiffon blouse is an easy pick for any and every day

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chiffon blouseEmbedded with lightweight fabric, Chiffon blouses are the new trend for any occasion whatsoever. They are the easy pick for your unplanned weekend trips, a reunion with old pals or just for an evening stroll and a cup of coffee with someone special perhaps. Attributing to its lightweight fabric, off shoulder and long sleeves and sleeves side slit fine work; it can be combined with your favorite denim jacket or a beautiful floral top.

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Top Tips for Choosing Fabrics for Your DIY Projects

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100% cotton 2Do you love to DIY your own clothes of various fashions and also home decoration, but don’t know much about different types of fabrics? Remember that the more you gain information about fabrics, the easier will it be for you to stitch. Here are a few tips about various fabric types, how to choose them for your own wearing, family and festivals, and more.

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