Real VS Fake Sea Glass – Know the Difference and Wear the Most Beautiful Authentic Sea Glass Jewelry

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Jewelry |

3 piece sea glass necklace by sea glass designsIf you are fond of sea glass jewelry, it’s a good choice indeed. However, do you know that there is something called ‘fake’, ‘faux’, ‘frosted’, ‘machine tumbled’ or plainly ‘artificial’ sea glass? Yes, and if you want to get your hands on jewelry made of authentic sea glass, you should learn to differentiate between genuine and fake. Here are a few useful tips that will help you in the differentiation.

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Necklace – A Prominent Piece of Jewelry that Makes You Look Fabulous

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Jewelry, Reviews |

multi-color cluster genAmong all the pieces of women’s jewelry, a necklace is perhaps the most prominent one. If you choose the right kind of necklace, it can make you look fabulous even if your clothes and other accessories are not so impressive. Necklaces are of various types like chains with or without pendants, chokers, strands and more. If you want to make your jewelry collection complete and up-to-date, you should have every type of necklaces in it, suitable to each type of occasion. Sprint Shopping has a huge collection of necklaces and I just can’t resist myself from showing you some of them. Here they are.

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Avocado Seed Jewelry – The Trendiest Accessories that are Eco-friendly Too!

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016 in Accessories, Jewelry, Reviews |

preppy bolo tieA number of uses of avocado seeds have been found, such as using them in hair dyes and scrubs for better results and as safer cosmetic ingredients, and for nutritional purpose, like blending avocado seed powder in smoothies. But anyone hardly might have thought of another beautiful use of these seeds – for making great-looking Avocado seed jewelry! But when you will see the CosmiziAvocado’s Etsy shop, you will come to know how beautiful these seeds can look if treated that skillfully.

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Mystic Powers of Gemstones, Crystals and Semi-Precious Stones – Significantly Affecting Your Life

Posted by on May 31, 2016 in Jewelry |

strength tigers eye necklace with agate pendantGemstones, semiprecious stones and crystals are a great topic of interest of women and men alike. Are you crazy about these shining colorful goodies too? If yes, it would be interesting to know more about them as the topic is vast. As such, the natural beauty of stones speaks for itself; moreover, they have mystic powers that make them still more attractive. Here is some interesting information on gemstones and tips on how and why to wear them.

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Shine with A Fantastic New Trend: Crochet Jewelry

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in Jewelry, Reviews |

necklace with red and black flowers Crocheting is an amazing activity because you cannot only make sweaters and scarves out of it, but also a variety of other items, including jewelry! Don’t believe it? I will today introduce you to a new trend of crochet jewelry. You will see some of the most delicate and unique crochet jewelry pieces in this article and a lot more at the etsy shop of Nakkashe. How many trends you want? Do you want lacy? It’s here! Do you want Bohemian style? It’s here too! Now, without wasting time, I want to show you some of these fabulous pieces.

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Pearl Pendants as Perfect Presents

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Jewelry |

different pearl pendantsWomen can be extremely difficult to please. Seriously, just ask any one of them. One day they want to repaint the house, the next day they want the former color back. If you really want to know what women want, you can search all you want and you probably still won’t have an answer. When it comes to looking for presents for women, the entire ordeal can be like a nightmare come true. You want to go for something sweet and simple, but you’re afraid she won’t be satisfied. You dream of getting her a huge gift like a new car, but that requires a gigantic budget that you most likely do not possess. What can you do? The answer is simpler than you thought: pearl jewerly.

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