3 Amazing Tips to Choose Women’s Leggings

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in Clothing |

red faux leather leggingsLeggings are a perfect piece of clothing that offers you comfort, style and a skinny look. According to today’s trend, your wardrobe should have at least a few pairs of leggings to wear on different occasions considering the comfort level and practicality. Fortunately leggings are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns and textures. If you haven’t tried a legging yet, try one and you will fall in love with it. For choosing a perfect pair of leggings for you, consider some factors though.

1. Check the Fabric

The main important point to consider is the fabric of leggings. This may be cotton, lycra, rayon or PVC. The material decides the level of coverage the leggings offer, i.e. it decides the sheerness or opaqueness.

Cotton should be your first preference if you want comfort. It is not sheer. But it doesn’t get snagged easily and lasts really long. So, whenever you want to hide your skin, cotton leggings are perfect. They save your skin from the elements, dust and pollution, and are still air permeable enough to keep you cool.

If you don’t want pure cotton, but some amount of cotton, you can get other materials mixed with cotton too, like cotton-polyester-lycra or cotton-lycra which is a wonderful choice for looking trendy as well as using as a workout wear.

Today’s hottest trend in women’s leggings is shiny leggings that are made from a combo of spandex and nylon. If you love the appearance of leather or latex, this is the best bet for you. It flatters your legs’ shape and are great as evening wear or clubwear.


2. Fitting


A rule of common sense is to buy anything you wear that fits you. Although free-size leggings too are available out there, you should measure the size of your legs and hips. Remember that leggings are not pants and they are very tight fitting. Obviously they can expose any extremes.

Do consider other properties of leggings such as extremely fitting cut that can accentuate your figure and stretchable waist, and be sure that they are extremely comfortable.


3. Pairing


When you wear chunky footwear like heels, boots or wedge shoes, a pair of leggings that has a zipper near the ankle is a perfect choice as it allows you to adjust the pant leg to fit over the footwear. However, this type of leggings can be uncomfortable if you want to wear tall boots tucked over them. In that case, prefer zipperless leggings.

Tunics or any blouse that covers your behind while you are wearing leggings can never make you wrong. You just have to remember not to pair heavily patterned or printed top with equally patterned leggings.

Remember these tips and you will have a pair of leggings that will make eyes turn!