3 Amazing Tips to Enjoy Your Cosplay Costumes in a True Sense

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

cosplay costumesDo you think every once in a while you might try your hand at cosplay? You’ll watch an old TV show or read a comic book and bingo! You’ll get an idea for a costume. Sometimes you’ll message one of your friends urging to get together to re-create Wacky Races or Bewitched or whatever other retro show you are obsessing over at that moment. For a few days you are prepared to face the challenge of making a costume so funny that no one would buy it! Here are tips from cosplay pros to create great cosplay costumes and enjoy them the most.

1. Make Props of Lightweight Materials


Sometimes your costume is incomplete without props. There are guidelines typically by conventions for any type of prop that could be considered as a weapon (always check the website of the convention before attending) and real weapons aren’t permitted on site. However, it’s really surprising to see how people try to collect massive pieces of equipment.

While traveling with props, it can be of the biggest help if you make them of a lightweight material like foam, lightweight wood and plastic that are far easier to transport. Plus foam won’t hurt anyone in the crowd.


2. Don’t Be Anxious


It’s easy to get anxious when you see cosplayers’ photos on cosplay sites. Some people have converted cosplay into a serious art form, with elaborate costumes, detailed hair and makeup, and stunning posed photos. But not everyone has developed the hobby with such intensity.

At a convention, a lot of different kinds of cosplay costumes will be seen from homemade to store-bought, from simple to complex. Some people aim at looking as much like the character they are portraying as they can, while others don’t. Actually it depends on personal choice.

The key to not being anxious by cosplay is to keep in mind that it’s just for fun. It’s a hobby for geeks, by geeks and enjoyed by geeks. You are not doing it for anyone else.


3. Pack Neatly


As you have spent several months and much of money to create a costume which is quite close to perfection. How should you carry it to the convention without damaging it?

If your pieces are large, try to make them in such a way that they can be broken down for easy packing.

If you are going by a car to a con, utilize small pockets in your car to carry your costume, but leave space for the driver to see.

Planes pose a whole pile of problems with the rules for carry-on luggage and the additional charges for checked suitcases. It’s highly likely that they will check your bag, so ensure to pack your costume carefully in a bubble wrap if required. And if it’s too large or bulky, you may consider to ship it to your hotel room beforehand.

Following these tips will help you enjoy your cosplay costumes in a true sense!