3 Basic Tips for Every Fashionable Woman

Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

JustHers lace floral crop topYou have a date tonight and the panic sets in. It feels like all of your clothes are either too old and look bad, or some of the newer garments just don’t seem to fit the way you want them to. Remember that feeling? I bet that the majority of us does. However, there are a few classy and smart tips that can help you find your own chic! It really comes down to bold accessories, planning your budget and visiting the right online fashion store. After you find what you like and find the way to incorporate all the best traits of your personal style with your personality and body type, here are the 3 go-to tips when you’re planning a night out.

1) Less is More!

Perhaps you’ve heard it somewhere before but hadn’t given it much thought: choose one part of your body to show. Appreciating your own body and feeling good about it doesn’t mean you should go all out. If you choose to wear one of your short dresses, try to cover up your cleavage. Exposing more skin than you need to shows your insecurities and tends to be counterproductive. Don’t be afraid to leave something to others’ imagination and feel confident and relaxed enough all throughout the night in your own style and just the right clothes.

JustHers half sleeve mini dress

2) The Right Clothes

It seems that many people simply know how to pick the right clothes for them. Although it may seem that you have no chances of succeeding in that task from time to time, don’t be afraid to head to the nearest girl’s shop in your neighborhood or an online store for girls and call your best friend to come over. Then the real fun ensues. Just give it more thought, think about the shape of your body and the things you want to accentuate when wearing a particular piece of clothing, be it tops or bottoms. Don’t be afraid to accept yourself just the way you are. If you want your torso to look longer, the right thing to do is wear a V neck. By loving all of your body’s imperfections you’ll lead a happier life and be able to enjoy every minute more.

3) Belts, Belts, Belts!

Belts shouldn’t be avoided under any circumstances! There are items of women’s clothes that can be both casual and elegant and nothing quite improves a styling like a good belt. It will make your waist appear thinner and combined with the right accessories for girls and a classy jacket, a belt can do wonders for your outfit! If the belt you’re using is made out of a different material than your dress, it will pop even more and your outfit will come together beautifully.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your beauty and enjoy life! If you choose something new and flattering for your figure, everybody is bound to notice that and support you with compliments, especially your friends and family, and perhaps even your co-workers. Don’t dismiss just any online store out of hand because you’ll get greater discounts and manage to save money without letting it affect your style.