4 Golden Rules to Choose Dresses for Coming Xmas

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

glitter OK DressesThere will be a big party this Xmas at your office, at your friend’s home or at your own residence, and obviously you want to steal the show. What to wear? Here are some tips.

1. Be Careful about the Fit

Make sure your dress is a perfect fit because an ill-fitting dress will make you feel upset about your own looks throughout the evening. If you are flat-chested and wear a dress that’s too loose in an effort to create an illusion of being full-busted, you’ll look poorly dressed. Similarly, if you are full-figured and wear a too tight dress to look slim, it will create too many problems for you. It will look unflattering, you will feel uncomfortable and sick in it and your wobbly bits will be highlighted, to name a few.

So, whether you are thin or plus-sized, don’t feel bad about it and make sure you choose a perfectly fitting dress.

choose perfect fit OK Dresses

2. Material

While choosing a material for your Christmas dress, make sure you choose one that will make you comfortable all through the night. Maybe the party contains hot lights that may make you heated. Cool fabrics like silk, chiffon and cotton will be your best bet and you can dance all through the night comfortably.

choose right material OK Dresses

3. Colors

As such red and black are traditional colors for Christmas parties. But nowadays other colors are trending too like the prom dresses UK you can see above. Here are a few styling tips you can follow to try various colors and look stunning.


LBD comes in various versions from a mini-skirt frock to a full length gown. Keep in mind that there would be many ladies wearing LBD in the party. If you want to stand out try something different like this one-shoulder sheath dress with a side cut.

black OK Dresses


Red has an innate sex appeal; so, remember that if you choose this color, you need not show the flesh, the color will do the job.

red OK Dresses

Glitter, Gold and Silver

Or you can choose to shine with sequins, beads, paillettes or just fabric in gold or silver color like this one.

glitter - OK Dresses

4. Choose the Right Accessories

You can’t underestimate your accessories. A stunning dress will make you look well-groomed only if you are wearing the right kind of jewelry, hair accessories, handbag and shoes. A rule of thumb is that less is more. As such you will be wearing an eye-popping dress. So, let your accessories be minimal (but they should be there) and simple, yet classy.

choose right accessorites - OK Dresses

Follow these tips and the coming Xmas will surely bring you a lot of praise, joy and pride!