5 Golden Rules of Danish Fashion

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Danish fashion tipsIf you consider Parisian fashions as the trendiest and worth seeking after in the fashion world, you better take a look around and you will find there are many other fashionable cities and countries in Europe where you can find fashions that you would like to follow. One such country is Denmark. Danish style is unique and the Danes are quite proud of it. It is a bit more subdued than the Parisian style; it is minimalist and sleek; but its core is coziness. Would you like to know more about it and its constituents? Here it is.

1. Approachability

Danish clothes typically have cuts that are modishly slouchy and make them easy to wear. Practicality is word often avoided in the world of fashion, but is another characteristic of Danish fashion. All in all, Danish fashions are convenient, useful and realistic. They follow functionality. According to Danish style bloggers, Danish style is about timeless items. It’s classic pieces interestingly styled up in layers, e.g. a white shirt over a polo neck.

This is perhaps the reason that hundreds of thousands of people are after getting an inspiration for how to dress in a Danish way. The general feel is a relaxed one. Clothing is cut loose yet well, while individual pieces are smartly ageless.


2. Danish Fashion is Not Seasonal

Danish taxes can be up to 70% and shopping seasonally is not affordable. Still there are solutions. E.g. on http://afbetalt.dk/toej-paa-afbetaling/ you will get a list of Danish online shops where you can buy clothes on credit with small payments every month.

A popular rule is that everything should go with everything and getting ready in the dark wouldn’t and shouldn’t be an issue. Since Danes get daylight for only seven hours most of the year, this isn’t a foolish idea, anyway. The color combination is muted. Favorites include ivory, navy, grey and camel. Burgundy is thought to be weird and print is a strict no-no.

Navy is very fashionable, but the Danes have been using it forever. Black is contrast with their blonde hair. Heels are almost impossible on the cobbled paths and while riding bicycles.

Recently a trend of pearl jewelry has arrived which has originated from Sophie Bille Brahe, the Copenhagen-based jewelry designer.

Another recent trend is the ‘no makeup makeup’ that has stormed the runway and is the norm in Denmark. It starts (and also ends) with intense skincare.

Denmark is not a country of leg-showers and so, hemlines are almost always below the knee. Polo necks are practically compulsory.

Danish fashion tips

3. The Looser, the Better

You shouldn’t be a looser in Denmark, but your clothes should be. And the looser they are, the better. A new coat will be lifesaver for you in the cold Dane weather. You’ll notice that Danish girls love wearing big, loose coats. Those coats look cool, but are warm and comfortable, and they also make your legs look slimmer.

4. Get Good Shoes

You can’t afford to mess up with your feet. So, get a pair of good leather biker shoes. They will offer a stylish look to your outfit. You can even get a pair of sneakers which will make your attire look casual yet stylish, and more importantly, Dane-like. And shoes are a perfect piece to add colors to your persona if you are missing them. Get them in pink, purple, orange or blue, and get the colorful touch you desire!

good shoes

5. Clubbing Outfit

If you have to scratch your head to find a perfect clubbing outfit, consider a tank top! Tops having tiny shoulder straps and laces look gorgeous on Danish girls.

And if budget is your problem, don’t forget the rule of tøj på afbetaling, meaning buying clothes on installment basis. That way you can easily achieve your goal of wearing a Danish look!