6 Fantastic Tips to Wear Vintage Clothes in Style

Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

vintage fashionAre you fond of vintage fashions but are afraid that you will look like frozen in time? Don’t worry! Vintage fashions are something you need not worry but enjoy, because there’s nothing wrong to wear vintage styles if you love them. It’s because you look awesome in what you love. Here are tips on how to wear vintage clothes perfectly.

1. Resist the Temptation of Wearing Everything Vintage

Yes, definitely the Mad Men style looks cute. But if you go out in Betty Draper-style hair, coat, dress and heels, that won’t be certainly impressive.

2. Choose Vintage Garments that will Match Current Fashion

A lot of modern fashion houses and designers have huge collections of vintage fashion garments and they keep on adding to them and even get inspired from them. The fact is that, most current fashion is indeed a reinterpretation of past styles and it’s a surprise how close numerous modern designer outfits come to replicating older ones. Choosing such a garment is an easy way of keeping away from a costume-y look.

3. Dress Around One Excellent Piece

Take only one jaw-dropping vintage find, such as a Victorian dress, a dress with flowers or a shabby chick dress, and try simple black clothes as well as accessories to make it wearably understated.

4. Use Contemporary Hair and Makeup

There are chances that unless you spend hours to recreate accurate vintage makeup and hairstyles, your makeup and hair will be looking relatively modern. Simplicity in makeup and hair is a tried and tested way of grounding a vintage dress, e.g. combining an Edwardian blouse with a subtly smoky eye or wearing a 1950’s outfit with a slicked back ballerina bun.

5. Give Vintage Dresses a Makeover

A small makeover like changing the buttons can dramatically change the look of a vintage dress or coat. E.g. you can add a shiny patent belt and tortoise buttons to a semi-boring denim dress and achieve a fantastic shabby chic look.

6. Modern Accessories

Combing vintage outfits with distinctly modern bags, shoes and sunglasses is another simple way to fantastically ground an otherwise whimsical dress. If you trigger your creativity a little, you can achieve an overall streamlined look by choosing a color that is present in the outfit and then wearing modern accessories in the same color. Of course, dashes of vibrant color combined with black accessories (or vice versa) are also a quick and easy way to make a classic garment look modern!

There are a number of ways besides the above to wear vintage clothes in style. Follow them so that others will follow you.