60’s Fashion – How to adapt the 60s style to today’s trends

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60s' FashionWhat comes first in your mind when you think about 60’s fashion?

PVC fabrics, shift dresses, colorful patterns and miniskirts, Twiggy and fake eyelashes are probably the first things that could pop into your mind.

Actually it was a decade of fashion innovation and rule breaking. Mary Quant invented the mini skirt and the bikini became popular after being featured in Beach Party musical.

It was the time that women gained their independence in the eyes of the society, especially when it came to fashion.

Trends come and go every season but still, 60’s fashion has a constant influence on what we are wearing today.

From simple sleeveless shift dresses that would look amazing on any type of silhouette even during pregnancy, to short, sexy miniskirts can get all the attention. These designs are simple and very easy to adapt to a modern outfit today, without looking like you dressed for Halloween.

Take for example a color block shift dress. It was probably worn with round toe shoes or sky-high wedges, but you can easily pair it up today with some pointed stiletto heels or even sneakers, for a cool casual look.

Buying 60’s fashion clothing is the best investment you could make because they are surely timeless pieces that you will wear for ages. You’ve probably seen the flare midi-skirt every season on the catwalk, or the shift dress reinvented in different colors, textures or prints.

Talking about flare, this was that time when women also wore high-waisted flare and bell-bottom jeans that made their legs look so much longer. Paired with a bold patterned crop top and some wedge shoes you could be walking down the street like a catwalk model.

I suggest we all should organize a rummage through our grannies and mother’s closets for a fashionable, yet free closet makeover right now. This could be one of the best ways to reinvent your wardrobe, be in style and yet not spend a dime on those high quality designs.

60s' Fashion