7 Amazing Tips to Style Your Tee to Enjoy Appreciative Looks

Posted by on Oct 9, 2017 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

print t shirt SingaporeT-shirts have become a wardrobe staple right from their arrival. However, there has been a lot of change in the way this versatile piece is styled. Once just having the job of accompanying classic blue jeans, tees today play an important role of pairing up with a variety of mates including, skirts, mini-pants, dresses and more. Even sometimes they are worn solo. And that’s not all. You have more options of whether to tuck or not, if you have to fully tuck it, or half tuck, crisscross and so on. In such a scenario, it’s best to have a t-shirt hack list ready. Here are a few latest ways to style your tee to help you out.

1. Layer Up in Summer

Yes, layering up in summer is good if you choose right pieces. You can slip in a statement t-shirt under a sheer dress. You can also wrap a sweatshirt around waist and style platform brogues to add to your style.

2. With Sundresses

Want to style your tee and sundress together? You can do it. If you have a flirty sundress with a neckline that may be far too low, you can wear a tee with a bold design say by print t shirt Singapore, for example, underneath and that will not only keep you covered but will bring a stylish trickery to your ensemble.

3. White Tee with White Jeans

Neutrals would be otherwise hard to navigate. However, a basic white t-shirt into white jeans can make things quite easy. A pair of comfy kicks having a bit darker shade would offer you an ideal summer look.

4. Tie it Into a Knot

This may be perhaps the freshest idea of styling a tee – tie it into a knot, rather than hanging it loose or tucking it fully or partially. This is an especially desired style option when you want to pair it with colorful high-waist pants.

5. Pair with Colored Jeans

Make sure you style a neutral color tee with contrast colored jeans and wrap them up with a belt and an extended dropped sash. And, crisp socks and cool sneakers will spice up things even more.

6. Striped Tee with a Bulked Bottom

If you are going to sport a bulky bottom, make sure your tee is striped and slim. The one with horizontal strips will enhance your overall look.

7. Get a Polished Look

Achieve a polished look by tucking your graphic t-shirt straight into a pair of wide-leg pants. Team the cream-colored pair up with a pink belt bag.

Choose one or all of these styles this season and enjoy appreciative looks.