9 Beautiful Tips for Women for Choosing Fashionable Athletic Wear

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Shop Neon BeigeChoosing stylish athletic wear can be immensely tricky because stylish and athletic wear often don’t go together. The problem is that if you are going to exercise you are going to sweat a lot; also if you will be exercising vigorously, you want absolutely loose and comfy clothes in which you can move freely as you want. But stylish itself means tight fitting clothes, for which free movements and sweating are both bad. Is there any solution? Yes, there is. Here are some tips.

1. Follow Seasonal Trends

Until around a couple of years ago, there was no need to bring trends into fitness. Fitness clothing was usually black and loose. Now it has become seasonal. Mesh panels used to be big; but now they are not so much. Today the trend is color blocking and bigger placement patterns. Check, for example, Best New Athleisure Brand “Neon Beige” by model CJ Franco designed for women to feel sexy, chic, comfortable and feminine.

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2. Choose Pieces that Combine Fashion and Function


As a rule of thumb, workout clothing should be made from performance fabrics which combine fashion and function.  This fabric is quick drying, moisture wicking and odor resistant. It’s not see-through, your cellulite is not shown through it and you won’t get a muffin top. So, keep in mind to choose this fabric for your workout clothing.

combine fashion and function


3. Subscribe for Fitness Fashion Trends


Fashion experts recommend to those who want to stay ahead in fitness fashion trends to subscribe online to services that design workout clothes. They send you outfits in a box of which you can keep those that you want and return others. They curate each piece from a range of brands and charge you for only those items that you keep.

subscribe to fashion trends


4. Pick Inspiring Leggings


You need not follow the rule of wearing only black leggings. Why not wear legwear that will show your personality? From abstract patterns to tie-dye prints, there is such a variety in leggings that you can definitely find something perfect for you. Plus, they are available in a variety of sizes. Check the material and ensure that it won’t lose color and won’t stretch out, which is a concern for many women when it’s about printed leggings. These colorful leggings will bring fun to your athletic apparel.

choose fun leggings


5. Clothes Suitable to Both Places


Thanks to the “athleisure” trend, today many brands design clothes that easily transform into everyday clothes from exercise clothes. Thus today you have Cheeky Athletic Wear, for the girl who didn’t quite make it to the gym! Whether you want to wear it for gym or street, you can wear it comfortably and look gorgeous anyway.

easy transformation from exercise to street clothing


6. Perfect Workout Clothing Enhances Your Performance

After all, you are exercising with a goal; you may want to win marathon this time, you may want to participate and win a tournament of football, basketball, tennis or any such sport, you may want to lose excess weight, or any other goal. The goal is definitely health-related. And so, your main aim is to increase your performance. Now, understand that perfect workout clothing enhances your performance.

Studies have shown that right clothes for your workplace show positive impact. This is termed as ‘enclothed cognition’ and it extends to fitness and sports too. The boost could be due to an increase in confidence; if you are aware that you are looking great, there are high chances that you will even act it out. If you love what you are wearing while exercising, there are higher chances that you will want to exercise intensely.

So, this can be a test to check if you are getting more and more interested in your workout and that’s the sign that you are wearing right athletic clothes. It’s obviously not advisable to test this in terms of whether you are trying to push yourself maximum at the bench press machine, but you can see a significant increase in your confidence if you are wearing the right athletic clothing.

clothes that enhance your performance


7. Proper Clothing can Save You from Injuries


Sports are infamous for causing injuries. However, by wearing just the right clothing you can avoid injuries. For this you should wear properly fitted clothing. Improper fitting of clothes is a major cause of sports-related wounds that can become a hurdle in your workout routine.

Preventing injuries from climate is also important. If you live in an area which is extremely cold and if you want to go out every morning for jogging, you should wear long sleeved tops and full-legged pants to save your body from cold.

And when you live in a hot sunny area, you have to implement different strategies. Firstly you should essentially wear a cap to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Also you should wear something long-sleeved to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun so that you won’t have to use sunscreen that will clog up your skin pores.


8. Wear Correct Shoes


It’s fine to wear fashionable shoes. But they should be such that will save your feet from cramps, blisters and slipping. If you have weak ankles, you should wear high-tops. Ideally your shoes should cushion your feet from heavy landings while jumping and reducing the impact of your steps.

Using orthotic inserts depending upon the arches of your feet is also a good idea. They will offer just the right support when you jump and run.

A number of injuries may be caused only by improper shoes. So, make it a point to choose the right shoes for your exercise routine.

wear perfect shoes


9. You Need Not Break the Bank for Your Workout Clothes


If you are under the impression that you may have to spend a fortune for stylish fitness clothing, you are wrong. The fact is that some of your everyday favorite retailers may have trendy pieces already that will make workout more fun.

Shop Neon Beige is such a place to give your workout routine a trendy twist. They have numerous options to spice up your workout wardrobe. The beautiful images in this article are their courtesy.

Shop Neon Beige

And when you want to clean your athletic wear, experts suggest to throw them in with your everyday load of laundry; only make sure to air dry or set dryer to low to prevent any piling or shrinking.

All in all, looking sexy and fashionable even while exercising is not difficult. You should just see to it that your fashionable clothes won’t come in the way of your fitness, but would complement your wellness.