Amazing Fashion Tips that will Make You Look Stylish in Ireland

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1916 Blk Map Hoodie by SiosBoxIf you are to travel to Ireland and are scared of the thought that you may look old-fashioned there, don’t worry. You can take help of some Irish fashion pros who will not only introduce you to Irish fashion, but also a lot of other Irish stuff, including Irish history, pop culture, GAA Sports, Irish quotes, Irish authors and many more for the Irish diaporama. Plus, here we give you some more tips on Irish fashion which you can pack and carry with you.


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Dublin Fashion

Remember that Dublin is a very trendy city, which loves to combine casual and formal wear. The key is to always look presentable. Also keep away from anything too revealing, such as short shirts or crop tops. You will not only become cold, but will also look inappropriate.

For Summer

If you are traveling to Ireland in summer, here are some fashion ideas for you for every coast.

Though in summer, Ireland is always colder than you might imagine; plus you should be ready for rain and a very strong wind. However, days are longer and there is more daylight, paired with fabulous crimson sunsets later during the day, temperatures being moderate to warm. This is a much drier season and you will find everyone around you delighted. Still, be prepared for rain and strong winds as said earlier. So, bring hoodies and umbrella as they won’t add weight like winter gear, but will save you from cold. A cardigan too is great to wear with your summer dress, maxi skirt and shorts.

Outfits like a relaxed tunic, plaid shirt, baby doll tee, water repellent jacket, jeans, Henley tee, scarf, leggings, open front jacket, sneakers, boots, sandals and a crossbody bag would be suitable for most of the time in summer in Ireland. It’s recommended to check weather forecast. While packing for Ireland, keep in mind that even on sunny, warm days, rain and wind can make the atmosphere colder.

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Plan for Rain

It’s better to bring layers which you can remove as required. Tights can be a suitable addition to your packing list, but short bottoms are undesirable.

If you will be visiting in winter, you will surely need to bulk up your packing; plus, throw in a cozy pair of gloves and hat.

East Coast

Since most tourists enter Ireland through Dublin, it’s better to consider starting with the east coast of the country. You can choose a relaxed but stylish outfit for Dublin, something cozy enough to move around, which should be warm as well as waterproof.

Better leave behind your suede boots and choose leather instead. Always carry raincoat or a small umbrella for the abrupt showers. If it’s a colder day, you can add a scarf and a jacket over your sweater.

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South Coast

Quaint towns, castles, gardens and breathtaking views everywhere – that’s what you will find on the southern and southwestern shores of Ireland. You need not dress up, but certainly want to look nice in the hundreds of photos you will capture.

Include a warm jacket, a button down shirt for comfort and ease, slim cut jeans and stylish booties. Bring pieces that are easy for transition from a stroll to see ruins to a halt at a local pub. And again, don’t forget a raincoat.

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West Coast

On the west coast of Ireland, you might find yourself engaged in activities like cycling, trekking or kayaking, so, better wear super casual outfits here. This part of the country is a little rugged, particularly when you head farther towards the north.

But, of course, if you will be walking in a city or town, you can return back to one of your more stylish outfits; but for an outdoor activity, better to keep it simple. Leggings, sneakers for dirty trails and a simple top will make your look complete. To add warmth, layer on a jacket and scarf, with a raincoat.

Northern Ireland

Moving to the north will need you to convert your euros to pounds, and maybe upgrade your clothing tp suit the mad brilliant Irish stuff mentioned above. Enjoy everything the capital city of Belfast has to offer in dark wash jeans, a sweet flounce top and fun flats, a perfect outfit for a café, or museum or gallery hopping.women's tee by SiosBox



In general, you will perhaps require some or the other type of boots all through the year. For the winter, you better choose a calf-tall boots while ankle boots for the rest of the year. If the forecast says that it will rain, you will need a pair of rubber booties if you are going to explore the city extensively on foot. However, standard leather boots (or faux leather boots) will just be fine.

Dublin Packing for Spring

Spring is a cool season in Dublin; so, you will require a nice pair of jeans, preferably a dark shade, more preferably black. Pair this with comfortably flats, in navy or black. To be prepared for wet climate, however, better bring a pair of waterproof ankle booties or flat boots.

Layering is a must. Jackets, sweaters and tees are ideal. Try to go with pastel or neutral colors. Finally you can add a splash of colors with your scarves or a simple crossbody bag. Cashmere or silk scarves are ideal for spring weather because they look gorgeous and enhance the look instantly.

layer up

Shopping in Dublin

Dublin is known for its several shopping malls and other shopping areas, including St Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street. Here you will get many shops that will cater all your clothing needs.

But if you pay a visit to SiosBox, you won’t need to explore these shopping areas unless you are a shopaholic and can’t breathe without shopping in brick-and-mortar shops. You can see some of their exquisite pieces in this article and many more on their website. This online shop is a wealth of Ireland’s information; so, don’t forget to visit it before starting your Ireland holiday.