Does Wearing Kilt on a Hot Day Really Make You Hotter?

Posted by on May 7, 2017 in Clothing |

kiltActually wearing a kilt on a hot day makes much more sense than wearing pants. It’s more air permeable and actually keeps you cooler than pants. However, most men feel hotter with a thought of wearing kilt not because they don’t like the garment, but they are just worried about what others will think of them. A kilt has been proven to be an attractive dress. It has been used in many blockbuster films and other kinds of media, and the fear that women will find men wearing kilt unattractive is baseless. Here are a few reasons why you should wear a kilt without being scared and look and feel cool.


Comfort provided by a men’s kilt is matchless. This is because a kilt is just a piece of fabric that is wrapped around the waist and just like a skirt, has an open, air-permeable bottom that offers great freedom of movement. Actually this was the very reason behind designing kilts when they originated. With kilts, hot days are made much more tolerable because of the more breathing room and thereby the comfort they provide.

Beat the Heat

A mens kilt will make you cool and able to beat the heat, no matter whether you work indoors or outdoors in the scorching heat. Kilts are normally made in cotton, a fabric that makes you cool. Because of its open bottom, the heat generated by your body doesn’t remain trapped in it unlike pants. Because of the coolness provided by the kilt, you can work more efficiently.

Get Incredible Freedom of Movement

Pants tend to cling to your body and even if they are loose fitting, they pose a certain limitations on your movements. On the contrary, a kilt being open offers you an incredible freedom of movement, especially in a position that needs manual labor and you have to move around a lot to get the job done.

Range of Style Options

Kilts are available in a great variety, more than you can imagine. They come in a range of colors, fabrics and tartan patterns. You will be surprised to know that there are up to 7,000 different types of tartan patterns with almost any color combination that you could possibly imagine. To add to the variety, around 150 new tartan patterns are created every year. So, there is an extensive choice for you.

To make it more exciting, there are unlimited types of accessories you can wear with a kilt, like belts, tassels, hose and badges. Plus, you can wear utility kilts that have pockets and storage spaces to make a kilt even more comfortable and convenient.

So, consider wearing a kilt for coolness, comfort and convenience as well as style, without being hot with shame or fear!