Look 100% Trendy with Couple T-shirts

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

couple's shirtsDo you call yourself trendy and take pride in having a wardrobe full of all types of apparel that are in trend? Hold on for a second and think whether you really have them! Have you couple t-shirts? I think, you don’t have. If you have, then you pass the test of being 100% trendy! Hey, I am just trying to convince you that if you have a spouse, fiancé or a girl/boy friend, your wardrobe should have cute couple shirts that match each other. Tell me seriously, isn’t the idea fascinating? Go for matching clothes while going for a party or any other event together and you two will catch everyone’s eyes. Here are some design ideas.


Having matching stripes on the t-shirts of both of you is a fantastic idea. There are numerous ideas, like having horizontal or vertical stripes on both the tees, or horizontal on one’s and vertical on the other’s.

Love Birds

Get the design of cute love birds on your t-shirts. Here too you can apply numerous ideas regarding the design of birds like having one bird each or having both the birds. Then you can have beautiful flowers and foliage around the birds and a catchy and romantic text too. As such you can choose any background, but white background is the most appealing and suits both the genders.

Love Birds

Only Colors

Wearing matching colored tees is also a great trend. Choose two colors or two shades of a same color and have them on the opposite sides of your t-shirts. For example, if you choose a light and a dark shade of purple, the girl’s t-shirt can have the light shade on the upper side or on left side and dark side on lower or right side, and the boy’s t-shirt can have exactly opposite. You can have plain colors or a design or text on it.

Matching Texts

Another great idea is having matching texts on each other’s shirts. E.g. LO on boy’s and VE on the girl’s shirt, FRIEND on girl’s and SHIP on boy’s shirt, and so on. Find your own fun slogan or quote and add it to both of your t-shirts, and get great popularity as a couple!

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