Serigraphy – A Beautiful Printing Trend You would Love

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butterfly pattern, Serigraphy TokyoIf you love various types of printed clothing, you will love the pieces adorned with serigraphy. Serigraphy is also called silk screening and is a stencil-based process of printing wherein ink is pushed through a fine screen on the paper beneath. The original art includes a screen made of silk, but nowadays nylon and polyester screens are also used.

Serigraphy is actually an oldest type of printing. Its roots lie in the Song Dynasty’s block prints, woodcuts and prints. Later in the 15th century, the Japanese artists too used the method to create designs on silk fabrics.

Serigraphy arrived in the Western World much later, i.e. in the late 18th century and caught on even later, i.e. in the 20th century, because it was the time when silk mesh became easily available.

Are Serigraphs Copies of the Original Work?

No! Serigraphs are always original and involve two people – the artist and the printer. So, you are sure to get new designs and patterns for you tees and other clothing and accessories.

Handmade Serigraphy

Automated serigraph machines are available now. But handmade serigraphs are much more valued because it involves all the work associated done by hand, including choosing exact colors that the artist wants, cutting the stencils and applying the colors manually. What’s more, the artist inspects the final product and approves it if it’s correctly done. Handmade serigraphs guarantee you to have unique designs, because the printing artist destroys all stencils and trial copies after creating limited edition serigraphs.

Serigraphy Tokyo

The serigraphy fashions of Serigraphy Tokyo, a new online store, are unique because skilled Japanese artists create them by hand on fabric to add beautiful colors and textures that are impossible to achieve with dyeing. The fabric becomes even more attractive when it starts distressing because colors fade over time and the ink cracks and an exceptionally unique vintage look is created. All the exclusive pieces of Serigraphy Tokyo are handcrafted, including sewing and silk printing processes, done in Tokyo, Japan. Visit their site to choose among these beautiful products.