Tips for Identifying Knit Fabrics to Choose the Right One

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chick jersey knit fabric by bobbins n buttonsWhen it comes to knit fabrics, you may want to wear an outfit made from it or may stitch one. But finding the right knit fabric may be daunting. Many people just keep wondering how to identify a knit fabric that will be perfect for them. Here are certain tips to remember.

First of all, remember that there are three main categories in knit fabrics:

Rib Knits: A blend of knit and purl stitches

Jersey Knits: These are made with knits stitches on the front side and purl stitches on the reverse side

Purl Knits: These are made only with purl stitches

Further there are many sub-types. Here are a few of them along with a detailed description of the main types.

Double Knit

This double structured fabric is made with two sets of yarn and has fine ribs on both sides running lengthwise. It typically looks same on the front and reverse sides of the fabric, due to which it’s reversible. Fashionable double knits may feature novelty stitch on the front and fine ribs on reverse.

This knit is firm, heavy and often has virtually no stretch in both directions and features shape retention. It can be best used for tailored outfits such as suits, jackets and sheath dresses.

Jersey Knit

Jersey knit fabric is also known as single knit or plain knit and has distinguished right and wrong sides, with fine ribs on the fabric’s front running lengthwise and semicircular loops across the reverse. There are a number of fibers and stitches that form a great variety of jersey knits, from delicate to thick, heavy fabric.

This fabric has little to no lengthwise stretch and different levels of crosswise stretch. It curls to the right side of the fabric.

This fabric can best be used for jerseys, skirt, blouses and dresses without adjustments for patterns.

mickey blue jersey knit fabric by bobbins n buttons


This is a compound fabric made by interlocking or ‘inter-knitting’ two basic ribbed fabrics, each created with single yarn. Fine ribs run lengthwise on this fabric. The front and reverse of the fabric look same, thus making it reversible.

The fabric has almost no stretch lengthwise and more crosswise stretch than jerseys and double knits. It features pretty good shape retention. It can be best used for turtlenecks, t-shirts, dresses and casual skirts.

Purl Knit

This is a reversible, double-faced fabric formed by purl stitches and intermeshed rows of knit that look like loops in crosswise direction.

This fabric is typically bulky and heavy, and stretches in both the directions. It’s best used in outer wear and sweater-type outfits.

Choose the right knit fabric for your outfit and look great and feel comfortable!

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