Top 6 Style Tips for Groomer’s Clothing

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

groomer's apparelJust because you are a pet groomer, you need not keep away from looking fashionable and trendy. Even in your groomer’s apparel, you can bring as much fashion as you want. Plus, the specialized groomer’s wear can save you from all the messy pieces resulting from your work. Here are easy ways to look stylish while performing your groomer’s duties.

1. Choose Nylon

Nylon has a better tendency to shed hair than most other fabrics. Another quality of nylon is it dries quickly. This is very useful because you are bound to get wet while bathing your furry clients. The only drawback of nylon is that it can be hot, particularly in summer; but if you have an aircon in your shop, it’s not much of a problem.

2. Choose Aprons Carefully

While choosing pet grooming aprons and jackets, take care of not choosing them too low-cut to keep away from hair splinters splashed on unwanted places. Also choose aprons with pockets wherein you can store your tools to get them whenever necessary.

3. Wear a Shirt with Your Business Name

You can wear a chic shirt with your business name and logo on it underneath your grooming jacket so that when you are done with grooming pets, you can just slip out the jacket and deal with pet parents in the front of your store in a general work uniform.

4. Wear Pants

Most groomers avoid wearing pants because they are not very comfortable. However, if you choose groomers pants by Ladybird Line you will find them extremely comfortable, fashionable and just rightly fitting because they are designed by their talented designer. These pants are equipped with an elastic back waist with a drawstring in the front and lower leg zipper which is a perfect solution if you find the pants a bit tight around your ankles.

groomer's apparel

5. Wear Long Sleeves

Wearing long sleeves is a smart idea though you will have to withstand heat. It will protect your skin from getting pet hair splinters and possible infection.

6. Replace Groomer’s Clothing if Required

Replacing a torn pant or stained jacket is not pricier than one grooming session. Wearing neat and clean clothes is not only professional but fashionable too. If it’s torn, replace it and if it’s stained, wash it.

Ladybird Line has a range of groomer’s apparel with which you can get head to toe protection in your salon. Visit their site and choose from among the extremely stylish groomer’s clothing line.