What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest

Posted by on Jul 23, 2016 in Clothing |

bridal showe what to wearIf you have been invited to more than one bridal shower this year, you’ve must have been completely confused about what you should wear. Am I right? I’ll try to give you some useful tips on choosing the right outfit to ensure you look forward to the next bridal shower poppin up on your calendar!

Most girls realize they shouldn’t wear white and that’s a good start. Nevertheless, some brides requests their bridal shower guests get dressed all in white. But, in general, most brides want to be the only ones in white at their bridal shower (and on their wedding day). So, avoid white or add some color to your ensemble.

On the other hand, all black outfit is usually considered inappropriate, too, unless, again, brides asks you to come dressed like that. Let’s face it, a bridal shower should be a beautiful, cheerful, light and airy celebration, so opt for pretty pastels and feminine florals.

If you’ve been invited to a more formal shower, a floral slip dress styled with minimalist jewelry and accessories is a good choice. For a more casual, outdoor setting, opt for an appropriate dress (or even skirt/pants and top) and footwear that will enable you to enjoy the event. Stilettos are lovely, but not if you’re invited to a beach bridal shower.

Personally, I prefer themed bridal showers. It requires some planning, but then again, any event does call for some forethought. If it’s a costume party, you can make a costume yourself or you could look for already made cosplay costumes.

Whatever you choose to wear, keep in mind that it’s not your moment, but the bride’s. So, don’t pick an outfit that’s too flashy or racy (yes, not see-through fabrics or extraordinary cut-outs!). You are there to support future bride, not to steal away her night.