Moody and Caring Cancer Woman and Her Fashion Sense

Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in Fashion News |

cancer woman fashion styleIn zodiac, the Cancer is ruled by the Moon, therefore moods of a woman born under this sign wax and wane similar to the lunar cycle. She is both passionate and peaceful, stubborn and docile in the same conversation. Unlike some other zodiac signs, it’s really hard to spot a Cancer girl in the crowd. Although she is persistent and strong willed, she can be reserved from time to time, drawing into her own shell if provoked or disturbed. If you criticize her, it won’t be forgotten, because she takes it personally. On the other hand, she is the most caring and sympathetic woman of the Zodiac. But, we are not here to talk about general characteristics of the Cancer women, are we? What we are interested in is this romantic girl’s fashion sense, so let’s focus on that!

Moody and sensitive as they are, the Cancer women literally wear their emotions on their sleeves. They prefer flowing, free fall outfits to tight jeans or skirts. A cancer woman falls for stoles, big scarves and dreamy, ornate, embellished, fanciful, embroidered and customized outfits. In fact, her outfit is usually made up of simple and basic elements without much detailing or contrasts, but with some sort of embellishment!

cancer woman styleThe cancer woman will unlikely take risks when it comes to shopping, therefore she is conscious of labels and gravitates toward timeless classics. Style of the moment is alright, but only if she is in the mood for it! A little black dress is a must, as well as a few real precious stones jewelry pieces. It’s not that she’s a material girl, she just values long-lasting things. Indeed, you can easily notice this girl wearing a souvenir choker left behind her granny. Her choice of fabrics suits her nature, so she tends to pick silk, wool, leather, linen, cotton and other natural fabrics. This girl’s hairstyle is natural, neatness and healthiness of her hair is what she values the most.

Once again, the Cancer girl dresses up according to her mood. This means that even though she fancied some clothing item an hour ago, she might be hating it just now. She’s not crazy, but she likes her outfit to suit her perfectly and she won’t compromise on that! If she is melancholic, she’ll opt for black or white, while yellow might be her color of choice when she’s feeling light and bright.