10 Amazing Tips to Make You Confident Enough to Conquer a Prom Party

Posted by on Sep 3, 2017 in Fashion Tips |

prom dressWant to look the most stunning at the prom party, but no idea how to do that? Take a sigh of relief; here are tips to help you out!

1. Avoid an Up-do Collapse

You’ve taken a lot of efforts in achieving one of the new hairstyles 2018 from the best beauty magazine. But alas, you’re afraid of the fact that it may collapse any time! Don’t worry! Get a mini can and fill it with a few bobby pins and hairspray. Carry this mini can in your purse. Whenever you get the feeling that your up-do is about to fall down, squirt the hairspray on a bobby pin and tuck the pin in your hairstyle. The pin with the hairspray on it will get an extra reinforcement to hold your hair in place.

2. Let You Teeth Shine

A couple of weeks before prom, change to a whitening toothpaste instead of your regular one. It will remove any surface stains and prevent further yellowing of your teeth. Don’t forget to brush at least for two minutes in a given session. Also avoid tea, coffee and dark soda to maintain the whiteness.

3. Bring a Shimmer

If you are going to wear a mini or strapless dress, apply a generous amount of a lotion with a sparkling tint and then dust collarbones and shoulders with a bronzing powder. This will give your personality an extra dash of shimmer.

4. Keep Smelling Irresistible for the Entire Night

If you want to maintain the smell of your perfume for the entire night, here’s a trick. Just apply a little amount of Vaseline on the areas where you spread perfume, like backs of wrists, neck etc. Vaseline makes the perfume to stay on so that it will keep lingering all night.

prom party ready

5. Carry Blotting Papers

Oil and sweat can ruin your makeup. An easy solution is to keep them blotting with the blotting paper. Instead of using powder that may look cakey, blotting papers do a better job of eliminating oil and sweat.

6. Eliminate Unwanted Pimple Fast

If you are made to scream in the morning of prom day to see a hideous pimple, don’t panic. Soak a Q-tip in eye drops in the fridge for an hour and then rub it on the pimple. The combo of eye drops and cold temperature will make the blood vessels constrict immediately to decrease irritation and redness.

7. Don’t Skimp on Hairspray

Obviously you’ve found and done one of the best prom hairstyles 2018. If you want it to look great for the entire night, use generous amounts of hairspray before and after styling the hair to give it an extra stick.prom hairstyles 2018


8. Eye Shadow Trick

For an event like prom where you want to look your best, use a cream eye shadow rather than a powder because the texture of the cream shadow looks richer. You can use a thin film of concealer or a little translucent powder to make it last till late night. Also don’t forget to bring some extra shadow to the party, so that you can use it for emergency touch-ups.

9. Make Your Lips Smooth with a Toothbrush!

Yes, it’s very important to make your lips smooth before you apply a brightly colored lipstick. And for removing those rough flakes, you can literally brush your lips!

10. Tame Your Stray Hair

Tiny stray hair is extremely irritating. But you can tame it. Just spread some aerosol hairspray on a toothbrush and clean the stray hair along your hairline and parting. This trick is wonderful when this hair tries to drop from your up-do.

These small tips can prove to be very useful to make small improvements to bring a big change in your personality so that you can feel confident enough to conquer the party!