10 New British Luxury Fashion Tips to Match Yourself to London

Posted by on Jul 17, 2017 in Fashion Tips |

stunninh hatIt’s commendable how the not-so-lovely weather can’t discourage the cool fashion sense of Londoners. If you look around in London, you can see elegant fashion pieces that are classic yet timeless. It’s natural that you too will want to match yourself to this beautiful city by choosing some high-end fast fashion brands. Here are tips.

1. Pick a Collared Shirt


If you think about what local Londoners wear, you may often think of an outfit with a collar. London locals typically love a girly collared classy shirt, whether alone or under a sweater.

collared shirt

2. Pairing Long Sleeves and Shorts with Booties


London is not really warm even in the summer. Hence it’s normal to pair pieces suited to warm weather such as shorts, with booties and long sleeves. You will thank yourself especially when the sun sets and the evening summer chill of London starts setting in.


3. Throw on All Black


If you were waiting to wear all black, London is the place to do that because not only nobody will frown upon it here, but also you will see it commonly, especially in winter.

all black

4. Choose a Blazer


London is fairly cold at night even in the summer. Therefore, you will surely need something to go over a minimal outfit or dress and a blazer is perfect. To make it suit to the summer, choose it in a light colour. Choose a pair of cute shoes to spice it up even more.


5. How about a Body-hugging Pencil Skirt?


Pencil skirts are now trending (of course, not just in London) and if you are there in summer or spring, it’s a fantastic choice for a dinner party or a night out in the city. If you pair it up with a casual top, it will look less formal too. For New British Luxury brands that are affordably priced, visit Ricco London.


6. Get a Great Hat


London is a city of great hats and it’s also a city where you can rock a hat; so, pick a stunning piece when you are there. If it’s winter, you can choose a cheery colour like off-white, red or burgundy which can go with an off-white dress and go around for some fun.

stunninh hat

7. Combine Shorts and Tights Together


Londoners love tights. They are their favourites even during summertime. Also, they wear shorts almost all year round and pair them with booties and tights. So, you can adopt this fashion and also you can wear some thick socks so that your toes will stay warm.


8. Sport a Long Line Coat


How classic a long line coat is and it even helps keep you warm. These coats are so popular in London that you should have one when you are in the city, for example, while doing some shopping on Oxford Street. You can even choose colours like grey or brown, to match your jeans.


9. Choose a Big Ole Tartan Scarf to Stay Warm


If you love chunky scarves, London is a perfect place to rock one, as tartans are standard in the city. This is the best way to keep yourself warm and blend well with the Londoners at the same time.


10. Keep Yourself Dry with a Pair of Wellies


Wellies are something the British call tall rain boots. For the rain like that in London, you should have a pair. They may be too heavy to pack in your luggage. Better get to a London store and choose a cheap pair, which won’t make you sad while leaving it behind when you will be returning.

London is a fashion-conscious city and if you are fashion conscious too, you will love being here and trying new high end fast fashion brands every day. So, enjoy your trip to the fullest while looking cool!