Fashion Tips for Guys – Wear a T-Shirt with Style

Posted by on Dec 25, 2015 in Fashion Tips |

wear t shirtA t-shirt is a versatile, classic clothing item and it’s appropriate to wear on some occasions, while completely wrong on others. The vast majority of men see t-shirts as a wardrobe staple completely good for almost every occasion, a piece of clothes that can be worn without any thought. Others see them as sloppy-looking and they would wear it only in a gym. In my opinion, tees are alright, but there are ways to wear them better, as well as worse. Here are some tips on wearing a t-shirt with style!

Pair them well! Solid-colored gray and white t-shirts work well with khakis or dark denim. It’s a classic look that cannot do wrong. Crew collar tees look incredibly smart with khakis. If you like blue/navy hues, match lighter pants with darker shirts. In general, blue-on-blue is not the best combination ever. On the other hand, if the tee or the dominating color of a graphic t-shirt is darker, match it with a lighter bottom.

Layer Carefully! James Dean used to wear a t-shirt underneath a blouse, cardigan jacket or a sweater and he was looking fantastic! However, most stylists don’t really approve the blazer+t-shirt combination, even though some celebrities have adopted this look. So, if you want to layer your tee with a sport coat, make sure the jacket you’re wearing is a really casual one in terms of fabric, soft draping and texture.

Classic or Graphic? We can break t-shirts into 2 broad categories: classic and graphic. Classic looking tees usually come in traditional, solid colors: White, Gray, Black and Navy, but they can look great in almost any color if paired well. Graphic t-shirts appeared later and they are more modern and casual. The bigger/bolder the graphics, the more casual the shirt. Nowadays, t shirt printing has made it possible to have any design you like and imagine on your tee. They are great for laid-back get-together events, although you should avoid them for fancy dinner parties.