Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Gel Nail Polish

Posted by on Sep 15, 2017 in Fashion Tips |

best gel nail polishA gel nail polish adds a long-term splash of fantastic color to your nails. A unique formula is used in gel nail polish that undergoes a reaction with LED or UV light, that ‘cures’ the polish so as to make it become extremely smooth and free from chipping for at least up to a couple of weeks.

Salons have been offering gel manicure services for long. But lately home kits too have become widely available. With the best gel nail polish, it’s quite easy to remake a gel manicure at home.

Select the Appropriate Curing Light

Selecting an appropriate curing light is very important while buying a gel nail polish. UV nail lights are used most widely since they suit any kind of gel nail polish and are normally more affordable than LED lights. However, it should be remembered that UV lights expose you to UV radiation which is harmful when given in large doses. LED nail lights can be used only with specially produced gel nail polish. They often are more expensive than UV nail lights, but don’t pose the radiation hazard.

Choose Compatible Accessories

Using gel nail polish is more complicated than using a regular nail polish. You should prepare your nails for the manicure along with curing the polish with a light source. Not all gel nail polish systems are available with necessary accessories. Therefore it’s a good idea to find accessories compatible with the gel nail polish. These are:

  • Cleanser: Before using a gel nail polish, you should totally clean your nails of old nail polish and any oils or dirt with a nail cleanser.
  • Base Coat: This should be applied before you apply the gel nail polish.
  • Top Coat: Top coat seals the gel nail polish so that the manicure stays smooth and shiny for a long time.

Strips or Polish

You may want to decide whether you want gel nail polish or nail polish strips. While the former is similar to the traditional nail polish when application is concerned, the latter are adhesive strips that are to be applied to one fingernail at a time. Both look similar but there are some differences.

  • While the gel nail polish is applied just like traditional nail polish, strips are to be trimmed and placed individually on each nail.
  • Gel nail polish offers a huge range of solid colors while strips present both – solid colors and printed intricate patterns
  • Both gel nail polish and strips last up to two weeks on an average.

Consider all these points and buy the best gel nail polish to flaunt your colorful nails.