5 Reasons Why Handmade Jewellery Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Jewelry |

fingerprint_heartFingerprint jewellery is becoming an ever more popular gift for a loved one, and even the perfect present to buy yourself if you have just had a new baby.

All over the world, mums, dads, grandmas and granddads are getting beautiful pieces of jewellery created using the fingerprint impressions of their loved ones.

But what really makes fingerprint jewellery so popular and why is it so easy to love your piece of fingerprint jewellery?


There really is nothing more unique than a fingerprint – no two individual’s are the same. And this can also be said of the exquisite fingerprint jewellery that is available at the moment. Each piece is completely unique and created to the blueprint that has been provided by you, the customer.

Whether you are looking for a charm for your bracelet or a pendant for your necklace, you will be amazed at the individuality of your piece of jewellery and you will love looking at it all day long.



Your children are the most precious things in the world to you. You video their first steps, document their first smiles and keep their first teeth. So what better way to treasure their tiny fingers and toes a little longer than to get a unique piece of fingerprint jewellery created with their very own fingerprint?

Not only will you love the sentimentality if the jewellery, but your loved ones will appreciate the thought and love that had gone in to creating such a beautiful gift for them.



One of the things that draws people to purchasing fingerprint jewellery is the surprising fact that such a personal, individually crafted and detailed piece of jewellery can be so affordable.

Usually the word ‘individual’ or ‘bespoke’ or ‘one of a kind’ will have the alarm bells ringing in your purse, but this stunning jewellery really is available to everyone. From the small charms to the larger keyrings or pendant, there is something for everyone and every price bracket. So don’t let this put you off not buying your own piece of fingerprint jewellery.


Made with Love

As we have said, each piece of jewellery is made individually by skilled crafts people who love what they do and understand the meaning and love behind each very individual fingerprint and piece of jewellery.

When you receive your piece of fingerprint jewellery you will be able to see the care that has been taken in every stage of the process from printing the impression through t polishing the final piece.


A Talking Point

Best of all, you will be able to show your piece of jewellery off to all your friends. It will definitely be the talking point, with everyone wanting to know how you got it and admiring the wonderfully detailed little fingerprint on it.


There really are so many wonderful reasons to get your little one’s fingerprint on your very own piece of stunning jewellery, so what are you waiting for?