Avocado Seed Jewelry – The Trendiest Accessories that are Eco-friendly Too!

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preppy bolo tieA number of uses of avocado seeds have been found, such as using them in hair dyes and scrubs for better results and as safer cosmetic ingredients, and for nutritional purpose, like blending avocado seed powder in smoothies. But anyone hardly might have thought of another beautiful use of these seeds – for making great-looking Avocado seed jewelry! But when you will see the CosmiziAvocado’s Etsy shop, you will come to know how beautiful these seeds can look if treated that skillfully.

CosmiziAvocado is specialized in avocado seed jewelry. This jewelry is made by carving avocado seeds. With this technique, absolutely ethical and eco-friendly jewelry is created, which you can flaunt with pride because they are unique, fashionable and perfect to wear in summers.

Summer Bolo Ties

Do you know how beautiful the handmade Greek Summer Bolo ties, Mhatee, are! These summer bolo ties are made of avocado seeds that have been colored in delightful colors and so, they look great on any type of outfit. Summer is a season when we can spoil ourselves with a variety of outfits and accessories, and these summer bolo ties have been especially created for this colorful season.

This particular summer bolo tie is a hippie chic wooden necklace with colorful pompoms. Its design is unique with cotton tassels hanging from a couple of sterling silver chains. This is perfect when you are enjoying your beach holiday, relaxing and dancing to Latin music all night. It also includes Swarovski crystals.

summer bolo tie

This one is another beautiful creation by CosmiziAvocado – a preppy bolo tie in superb gold and pink colors! And did you note the magnificent owl shape the avocado seed carved in?

preppy bolo tie

I would like to show one more mind-blowing design – Greek handmade mushroom pendant – Hippie Shroom!

This beautiful tie is made from colorful ceramic beads and its pendant is made of an avocado seed carved in the shape of a mushroom. Wear it or gift it to a mushroom enthusiast and s/he will be delighted. Dried and treated with Greek natural oil and wax, this tie can be worn safely for long.

mushroom tie

And if you are fascinated by ancient philosophies in the world, this beautiful Yin Yang tie is for you. It has a carved avocado seed with a symbol in ancient Chinese philosophy having a great power! It’s a charm that offers health and mental balance.

Yin Yang tie

And CosmiziAvocado has a lot more for you. Just explore the store and you will fall for it. So, this summer, if you are planning to do something offbeat, this is a perfect place to start with!