Mystic Powers of Gemstones, Crystals and Semi-Precious Stones – Significantly Affecting Your Life

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strength tigers eye necklace with agate pendantGemstones, semiprecious stones and crystals are a great topic of interest of women and men alike. Are you crazy about these shining colorful goodies too? If yes, it would be interesting to know more about them as the topic is vast. As such, the natural beauty of stones speaks for itself; moreover, they have mystic powers that make them still more attractive. Here is some interesting information on gemstones and tips on how and why to wear them.

How to Pick up a Gemstone?

While choosing a gemstone, keep your mind calm or do it whenever your mind is calm and undisturbed. Now look at the images of the gemstones and try to know if you can feel the energy of any of them. You should feel like the gemstone is “calling” you or you should feel to have it for you. If you feel some such intuition, you can confirm it by reading the description of the stone.

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How to Use Your Gemstone?

Wear it or Carry it: You can wear your gemstone as a piece of jewelry, like necklace, bracelet, pendant, ring etc. If you don’t want to wear a piece of jewelry, you can carry it in your wallet or purse. Observe if it is affecting your daily routine, if something good happens in your life.

Place it Around You: Instead of carrying it with you to office or school or anywhere, you can just keep the stone in a room you want, maybe in your living room or bedroom. It can change the atmosphere in the room. You can place it on your work desk to be able to focus on your work more.

Meditate: You can hold the stone in your hand and meditate. You will feel the difference between this mediation and the previous ones as this time you will experience a deep insight, calmness and guidance.

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