Peridot Jewelry – Graceful and Trendy

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peridot fashion jewelryIn the world of colored gemstones, green is a relatively rare shade and therefore is valued too. This beautiful green glow is spread by emerald, and now there is one more fabulous green gem – the peridot. Peridot looks equally elegant in classy jewelry as well as fashion jewelry. It suits a golden necklace, and also silver earrings or a platinum ring. To witness the outstanding beauty of this green jewel, take a look at some lovely peridot rings wherein the yellow-green shimmer has been accentuated by superb designs and styles of rings. No wonder, peridot is becoming increasingly popular. If you are wondering about how to find out a perfect peridot for you, here are some tips.

Peridot is amongst those rare gemstones that feature only one color, i.e. a brilliant olive green. The color can vary in intensity and shade. Some peridots are inclined more towards a yellow shade, while some are more of a bright grass green shade. And there are darker shades too. Amongst these the most valued shade is dark olive green. Peridot is also known as “gold stone”, “olivine” and “chrysolite”. It is the official birthstone for August and a wedding anniversary stone for the 16th wedding anniversary.

peridot pendant

4 Cs for Peridot

Just like diamond or any other precious gemstone, for a peridot too, you have to consider 4 Cs viz. color, clarity, cut and carat.

Color – The color of a peridot can range from deep dark olive to lighter yellow green. The density of green color depends upon percentage of iron in the stone. The more percentage of iron, the deeper is the shade of green. The best shade of green in peridot comes with about 10% to 15% of iron. Ensure that the peridot you are buying has a color that is intense and even. Whether you buy a darker green shade or a lighter pistachio color, the hue should be vivid and even throughout the gem. Real peridot looks same in a dark room or under the sun. When light passes through the gem, it radiates and glistens.

Clarity – Most peridots feature good clarity because their flaws are removed during the process of cutting. Make sure that the peridot stone you are planning to buy is clear. There may be some negligible marks, but overall clarity of peridot is decent, and so there is no excuse for a cloudy or blurry peridot. Some fine marks resembling silk threads are present sometimes, but they should be appreciated as they are the characteristics of the stone, and left as they are. Peridots with total transparency are present but are rare. Overall the clarity should be eye-clean, i.e. the stone should appear blemish-free to human eye.

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Cut – Cut is an important part of a gemstone, because it brings the true beauty of the stone out. Cutting of peridot is a bit tougher because of its roughness, where precision is required to avoid getting the stone cut into small pieces. However, peridot can be cut into various shapes like round, square, oval, emerald, pear, marquise and so on. Since peridot quite easy to obtain and doesn’t cost hands and legs, cutters can easily focus on its shape and beauty than weight retention. While considering the shape during the shopping for peridot, avoid buying a stone that is misshapen or disproportionate. You can buy a disproportionate peridot if you get it at low price, so that you can get it re-cut in correct shape from another jeweler. But such a purchase should be done carefully, considering the risks involved.

Carat – Carat i.e. the weight of peridot is a major determining point of size and price of the stone, to some extent. So, mostly, the more the carat weight, the pricier the stone will be. Peridot stones having carat weight greater than 4 are rather expensive and are generally used only in rings and pendants.

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Avoiding Imitations

Peridot is never manmade, but several imitations like a green grass replica, are available on the market. These can be identified if seen keenly, because they don’t have the yellow tinge characteristic to the stone and glass has a single reflection only.

So, for your next shopping of fashion jewelry, choose peridot jewelry, which you can wear with equal grace on formal occasions like wedding or informal events like a weekend party at a friend’s house.

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