How to Buy Perfect Nursing Shoes?

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perfect nurse's shoesOne of the professions that makes the professional stand on her/his feet almost all the time is the nurse’s profession. We expect nurses always to be smiling, consoling and comforting. But do we think how hard they are working? If they have to stay smiling despite standing during all their duty hours, they have to maintain the health of their legs, for which they need perfect shoes. is a perfect website giving you all the information about choosing the right kind of nurse’s shoes. Let’s see here how to buy them.

Sizing and Suggestions

You will have to visit a specialty store selling nursing shoes and scrubs. Or you can also visit an athletic shoe shop. The staff of such shops is expert in measuring your feet correctly and can also suggest you the shoes according to your type of feet.

Company’s Rules

Remember the rules laid by your hospital about nurse’s shoes. Most of them require all-white shoes to be worn by nurses. Ensure about the rules, like color (or a colored piping or trim is allowed) before venturing out for shopping of your perfect shoes.

Enclosed Shoes

Don’t get tempted to buy shoe styles having holes or other openings. Prefer always enclosed shoes. Nurses who have to deal with patients’ body fluids should remember that having holes in shoes may expose their feet to the fluids. Shoes having no laces should also be correctly tight to protect feet from any fluid.

Trying Shoes Before Buying

While you try the shoes ensure that your heels are not extending beyond the heels of the shoes, otherwise you may eventually develop sores or blisters. Also ensure that you can wiggle your toes inside the front of the shoe. Don’t only walk along the store’s length wearing shoes, but also do some nursing movements which you do always, like lifting, crouching, etc. That will check if the shoes are really helpful for your everyday work.

Arch Support

The shoes should have strong and flexible soles and arch support. Some nurses get foam or gel inserts for additional support and cushion. If you plan to buy them, try shoes with inserts inside to ensure that they fit your feet comfortably.

Shop Late in the Day

As your feet tend to be swollen during a few hours after you wake up, prefer your shopping time to be later in the day, like late afternoon or evening. If you do a night duty always, go for shopping in the morning after standing on your feet all the time.

Replace Shoes Regularly

It is recommended that shoes should be replaced every 800 km (500 miles). This equates once in every six months for nurses who work for 40 hours on their feet.

Keep these points in mind before heading towards the shoe market, and you will get your perfect nursing shoes.