Summer Boots – Must Have Footwear

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Shoes |

unique footwearLet’s face it, boots have become the inevitable part of any season fashion trend. Why? With all celebrities wearing them, summer boots as the part of festival outfits and trendy street wear have been approved by fashionistas all over the world. If you don’t like boots in general, stick to your sandals. However, if you are a boot fan, wear them proudly year round. Why do women wear summer boots? There are many reasons, but here are just the most obvious ones:

  • Not having time to touch up a pedicure.
  • Summers are not always and everywhere that hot. Cold intolerant women know that! A pair of comfy lightweight boots is a perfect footwear for colder regions where Summer temperatures are between 14 an 18 degrees Celsius. Wearing sandals is not recommended, though.
  • Air-conditioned frigid offices during the summer simply make you more comfortable wearing extra leg coverage. Boots are again more appropriate than sandals, especially if you like wearing socks or you simply have to.

Are Summer boots enough breathable? To be honest, not all of them are. However, if you are looking for more breathable footwear, check sexy booties with open toes or cut out boots. Shorter swing skirt and high cut out boots will draw almost any man’s attention. Well, even a feminine dress worn with the classic combat boots will look good on you. Summer boots don’t have to be only short booties with open toes and wedge heels. What about knee-highs? Good choice, especially if you choose a creative print or color. Neon is trendy more than ever, but if you are not too brave to wear it, go for tan, stone, beige tones. Whatever matches your Summer style and mood will do the trick.

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