5 Types of Clothing That Can Hide Cellulite (the most useful tips)

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types of clothing that can hide celluliteLet me start by making it very clear that cellulite is a common concern among women. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Cellulite is just fat deposits in your skin. The most common parts on the body where cellulite appears are hips, thighs, and buttocks. So how about getting to know the different types of clothing that can hide cellulite?

You might find some relief after knowing that around 85-percent of women above the age of 21 years have cellulite. But just because it’s so common doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. Exercising daily and eating right seem like permanent solutions. As for a temporary fix, there are effective hacks to hide cellulite in the form of clothing.

Types of Clothing That Can Hide Cellulite

#1 Body Shapers

Spanx feels like a godsend, doesn’t it? The brand name is often synonymous with body shapers. There are other popular brands too. Such as Maidenform and Bali. Such brands manufacture all kinds of shapewear. Including the ones with shorts for hiding cellulite!

What the body-shaping undergarments do is smooth out your bumps and dimples. That too in the most comfortable manner. They’re the go-to choices for women looking to slim and trim their natural body silhouette.

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#2 Anti-Cellulite Leggings

Are there really leggings that hide cellulite? They’re also known as compression pants that hide cellulite. But these aren’t regular type of leggings or yoga pants.

The materials used for construction are firmer to conceal and smooth out bumps and lumps. More often than not, the fabric is thicker and more supportive. The most common materials used are polyester, nylon, and spandex.

Some of these anti-cellulite leggings and pants also feature the sauna effect. They help you sweat a lot. And this contributes to burning more calories during your workout sessions.

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#3 Pantyhose

Is it true that pantyhose actually hides cellulite? Surprisingly, the answer is YES.

Nylon material pantyhose in the popular nude color produces the perfect smoothing and slimming effect. It has magic-like powers. When it comes to toning and trimming your most vulnerable cellulite areas. Like your hips, buttocks, and legs. So you can wear short dresses and skirts. Without worrying about your fatty deposits showing!

Speaking of the nude color variety of pantyhose, it offers an instant bronzing effect too. A light one of course! This bronzing effect evens out your skin tone, thus further disguising cellulite. So no need for self-tanners packed with bronzing agents.

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#4 Patterned Clothing

When trying to conceal your cellulite, you can opt for clothing that isn’t just basic or boring. Unlike what people tell you! Solid, lighter colors might seem a bit tricky. But don’t forget that patterns and prints bring good news. They do an excellent job when it comes to disguising your dimples.

Choose busy, bold graphics like florals, ikats, and geometrics. What these types of prints do is create a distraction. Meaning they have the ability to divert attention away from your problematic areas.

#5 Black Clothing

Nothing beats black in terms of hiding cellulite. Many women on the bigger side wear black clothing only to create a slimming and flattering body shape. And the great news is, black works every single time. The color has the capacity to smooth out unevenness. Even in your buttocks and hips!

So the next time you want to wear something body-hugging without showing cellulite and with complete confidence. Go for black!

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The End

You don’t require too many different types of clothing that can hide cellulite. Some easy tricks and tips like these are more than enough. For creating the slimmer silhouette you desire!

Body shapers seem like a convenient approach. They have no visible piping, tubes, or straps to give away your disguise. Plus, body shapers now come in all kinds of forms and shapes for comfort.

The best of the lot is anti-cellulite leggings. These pants smooth out all bumps and dimples. They’re constructed using a combination of either nylon and spandex or polyester and spandex. In fact, they even accelerate the process of fat-shedding during your exercise routine.

Then there’s pantyhose you can rely on too. Along with choosing black color and patterned clothing! One more thing I would like to mention here. Women often don’t wear the right fit and form of underwear. So make sure you’re not making the same mistake. Because if you are, chances are you’re only just highlighting all the cellulite instead of concealing it.

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