Styling Tips for a Backless Flamingo Dress You Should Never Forget

Posted by on Oct 18, 2021 in Clothing, Fashion Tips, Reviews |

Backless dresses have recently taken the fashion world by storm! If you’ve not tried one yet, how about adding a Flamingo backless maxi dress to your wardrobe? When you’ll wear it, you’re surely going to turn heads! Read on to know more about this latest creation by Coco de Chom and how to style it!

Flamingo Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Enjoying an outing at a place like a beautiful beach, swimming pool at a poolside party or mountain? You’ve got to look trendy and beautiful and the Flamingo Tie Dye Maxi Dress just does the job for you – to make you look stunning!

This dress is made from Rayon fabric and is thus very soft and lightweight – absolutely perfect when you’re in a mood to think about nothing else but fun!

The V-neckline of the dress and backless design will make you look sexy yet elegant at the same time by accentuating your neckline and shoulders.

This is an A-line floor-length dress that cascades gracefully over your legs. It’s handcrafted, breathable and so, very comfortable, and extremely trendy with its backless design.

One of the most stylish features of the dress is that its front is shorter than the back to let you show off your beautiful legs!

It’s designed in such a way that it suits almost all body shapes! So, you need not worry whether you’re plus-size or ultra-slim, this dress is going to rock on you!

How would You Style Flamingo Dress?

Mind Your Posture

If there were any dress in which you should be super-careful about your posture, it would be a backless dress. Flamingo dress is of course not an exception. If you’re hunched, it would be the most obvious in a backless dress than in any other attire. Today there are so many tools available to rectify the posture – make use of one of them and correct it if you’ve a wrong posture. It’s much better than worrying for the whole night about how you’d look in a dress like Flamingo!

Style Appropriate Accessories

Flamingo dress is an outfit for the hot summer season – a season when you can flaunt a number of other stylish accessories too, including a trendy hat, attractive sunglasses and a playful handbag! So, why not! Make your backless Flamingo dress look even cooler with these add-ons!

Options for a Bra

You may hold yourself back from wearing a backless dress just because you’d have to go bra-less. But you don’t have to. You can have a seamstress sew cups inside your dress or an even better alternative is to wear silicone bra pads which provide built-in support without affecting your backless design. Other options are do-it-yourself clear strap extensions, multi-way convertible bras with clear straps and strapless clear-back bras that provide the necessary support but maintain a bra-free look at the same time. Another excellent option is backless body shapers which offer an extra benefit of smoothing out the curves. On the other hand, women who don’t need much support but need more coverage can try a stick-on adhesive bra, breast petals or stick-on bra cups. These provide a subtle lift and conceal at the same time.

Hiding the Unsightly Lines

You’ve found the options for bras, but what to do of the lines you already have of your regular bras that may look out from your backless dress? Don’t worry! This has a simple solution – take off the bra a few hours before wearing your Flamingo dress and those unsightly lines will be gone!

Last but the most important point – wear your backless Flamingo dress with confidence! If you’re confident, you’re going to look awesome. So, rock your Flamingo dress, girls!