How to Become a Successful Model

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015 in Fashion News |

CEOportrait_1If you want to become a model, I’m quite sure you have a lots of questions regarding your desired job. Although modeling jobs can take you off into phenomenal careers, there are models who simply disappear into anonymity. What does it take to succeed in modeling industry? Of course it’s not just having a beautiful face and body, but much more to becoming a part of jet-set. I have tried to put the pieces together and now I’ll share some tips and tricks with you that could really help you if you want to be a successful model.

CEOportrait_10First of all, it’s important to realize that modeling is a business and that’s the way it should be treated. Being reliable and professional is a must! It’s important to always show up on time if you are booked for a photo session. Calling at the last minute with some lousy excuse, won’t make you the most organized and professional person to hire for a job. So, arrive at least five minutes earlier to prove you’re committed to the job. If you develop a reputation for being flaky, your modeling career will surely come to its end. A professional freelance model will be hired again by satisfied clients and will most certainly get good recommendation. In case you’re represented by a modeling agency, being punctual and reliable means word will get back to your agents and they’ll be more likely to recommend you for new (and better paid) jobs.

If you’re just getting started, I warmly suggest hiring the best photographer you can find for shooting your portfolio. Trust me on that one, a nicely done portfolio is a solid investment, it will help you make that money back quickly! On the other hand, you will have difficulties booking work if you try to get by with poor quality portfolio. Nevertheless, an amazing portfolio is a relative concept, because you cannot please every client every time. In general, a good portfolio should show a model who has a range of movement and expressions, who looks comfortable in front of the camera. It has to show your potential, so make sure it’s in tip-top shape before you attend and open-call or schedule auditions and interviews.CEOportrait_8

Knowing about clothes is a must, unless you’re interested in nude modeling. Are there types of clothing that aren’t very flattering on your body? What cuts of clothing suit you best? Learn what looks good on you and what doesn’t and find the way to wear those unflattering clothing items so they fit you more. Do you have some brands and labels that really look great on you? It’s also crucial to know your sizes and never to lie about them. If you are dishonest to wardrobe people about your measurements, it will only lead to extraordinary embarrassment later in case you pop buttons on your pants. Everything regarding wardrobe counts, including following latest trends and keeping your clothing style current. Keep an eye on fashion magazines to be inspired by the top models, too.

Most people get into modeling jobs because they think they are gorgeous. Well, it’s nice but it takes much more than being good looking to become a successful model. First of all, you need to know and understand what your job is. In general, since we’re living in a commercial world, a job of a model is to sell a product. You’ll only be there to promote the product, no matter if it’s jewelry, a perfume, a cell phone or a skirt. You should be thinking about the ways to make that product look better, not you. So, make suggestions, share your ideas about angles, poses etc.

Watch and read interviews with photographers and models to learn more and more about the industry and modeling itself. There are many modeling communities online and you should definitely join them. Taking classes is extremely important, because everybody needs some expert advice when learning new skill that apply to modeling jobs. In order to do your job best, it’s important to learn how to convey attitude and emotion through facial expressions and pose. It takes some practice to learn this skill, but it’s a very powerful tool every top model uses. Talking about great models, you should know that they act and feel like a part of the team, not like superstars. In fact, a model who realizes that every person on the team, including a photographer, art director, makeup artist and hairdresser are equally important as models, will most likely end up being the most successful!

CEOportrait_6Even though it’s not your entire job to look good, taking care of your body is certainly a big part of it. If you want to become a model, you’ll have to look better than the average person. Nutrition is of high importance, but I’m not suggesting starving into anorexia. On the contrary, you need to eat nutritious and healthy food in order to feel and look your best. Being perfect is impossible and you should understand that! A regular physical activity to stay fit and toned is a must and your body should match the image of the type of modeling jobs you would like to do. Use only high quality cosmetics and hair care products and that shouldn’t be difficult, since you’ll always be surrounded by hairdressers and beauticians. Keep in mind that your health and overall well being are the most precious things and they extend beyond being fit and eating healthy. Make sure you get enough sleep and try to avoid too stressful situation.

Finally, a modeling job should be fun. If you don’t feel it that way, you’re not doing it right! The things I’ve mentioned before might look quite difficult and daunting, but if you take a good care of the business side of a modeling job, you’ll realize it’s rather easy to relay and have fun in front of the camera. If you don’t enjoy your job, you won’t really shine and you won’t become a successful model.