Leo’s Lady Fashion Sense – “Hear Me Roar!”

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in Fashion News |

jlo leoIt isn’t hard to pick out a Leo lady from a crowd – she is the one with the most confident strut, the brightest smile and probably the loudest laugh of them all. This girl is ruled by the Sun, therefore she adores attention and easily gets it. Lively, playful and passionate, Leo lady has an outstanding fashion style, too.

The Lioness is graceful and you can expect her to be sartorially perfect on any occasion. This lady has an excellent taste, so she won’t look vulgar and common whenever you meet her. Luxurious items are what she prefers, be it accessories, jewelry or clothes. Not only does she choose expensive, but she also looks for exclusive things for herself.

When it comes to fashion, the Lioness is likely to carry off the most extreme and dramatic of trends, because she’s so innately confident. This lady has exquisitely made classics, but also fun fashion in her wardrobe. She likes fabrics like cashmere and silk, perfectly tailored cuts and, if she has fund, luscious floor length formal gowns dripping with pearls and diamonds. As a fire sign, Leo woman is full fo swagger and likes to look hot. Naturally, her signature color is gold (or anything metallic, actually).

madonna leoNevertheless, it’s the accessories that make Leo lady stand out from the crowd: statement necklace made of precious stones or a pair of shoes embellished with feathers and sequins. Undoubtedly, this woman can have a common black-and-white outfit; still she’ll make a statement with eye-catching footwear or accessories. She is proud of her hair and she takes good care of it. A trip to the hairdresser’s always boosts her self-confidence.

Although Leo ladies are determined and ambitious, they can also be the silent, but strong type. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is the perfect example for this: private, strong, graceful and self-assured. These traits are what make Leo woman hard to be mistaken. When the queen of jungle enters a room, all eyes turn to her; when she talks, both men and women lean forward to listen. Finally, when she dresses, she wants to make an unforgettable impression and, of course, she does!