3 Tips for Creating a Bohemian Style Wardrobe

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wearbohemianIf you are an ardent fashionista, you must have been attracted some or the other time towards the bohemian fashions. But you couldn’t continue with it just because you were confused regarding what bohemian exactly is. Here are tips and tricks for you to create your bohemian wardrobe.

If you wish to adopt the boho-chic style, what you need is just around twenty key pieces which you can mix and match easily. And the good news is that on the boho-chic route, virtually everything matches everything. Still better news is that all bohemian style clothes and accessories are available for you at wearbohemian.com. This is a team of enthusiastic developers and entrepreneurs who decided to convert their common experience into this web store. They hope you’ll like it as much as they do and have a great shopping experience here. Their prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find whatever product you need.

So, shall we start?

1. Which Colors will You Choose?

One of the simplest rules for creating a bohemian style wardrobe is to begin with a curated color palette. Include warm as well as cold shades. The best way is to choose a collection of 6 to 12 shades. You can choose even less if you wish to be minimalistic and more if you love prints.

The shades should be of one color rather than isolated colors. Thus you can choose latte, maroon and caramel (shades of brown) or sky blue, navy, steel and turquoise (shades of blue). This will help you curate a wardrobe where things will easily match each other and your collection will have versatility. Let your collection include neutrals as well as rich hues. But avoid artificial, neon shades.

boho cardigan by wearbohemian

2. Materials and Patterns

Bohemian style includes a huge range of cuts and silhouettes. As a rule of thumb, bohemian designs include natural materials in naturally occurring shades and artistic and rustic designs. Plus there is a range of folk, ethnic and floral patterns. Thus you should add dresses and accessories of lace, crochet, denim, leather, wood, suede, rattan etc. to your wardrobe.

Boho patterns include trellis, tribal, floral, kilim, lattice and paisley.

bohemian style handbag by wearbohemian

3. Embellishments

You’ll be glad to know that bohemian styles includes a great variety like embroidery, pompoms, appliques, studs, fringe, tassels, and more.

bohemian style earrings by wearbohemian

So, are you now feeling clear about what boho style is and are ready for bohemian fashions?