4 Types of Pendants – Which One will You Choose?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2019 in Jewelry |

serenity gifts from Nano JewelryNecklaces, pendants and other sorts of neck jewelry are important for the image of any woman and so, should be carefully chosen. A pendant chosen thoughtfully definitely adds a wonderful touch to your style and personality. It’s also a best gift, because firstly you can never go wrong on size and secondly you’ll get a wide variety to suit to any style and any occasion. For example, you can gift a serenity prayer pendant 14k gold if your recipient is spiritual. Prices of pendants also vary greatly to suit a wide range of budgets. Here are some of the most popular types of pendants.

1. Serenity Pendants

If you’re not sure about what gift to give on an occasion like a wedding, birthday or graduation, you can never go wrong with serenity pendants. Serenity gifts from Nano Jewelry, for example, come in various themes like Love, Zodiac, Spiritual, for Mom, for Her, for Him and many more. These beautiful pendants have prayers inscribed on them for the peace of mind, and so, your recipient will definitely be very happy. What’s more, a luxury magnifying glass is also included with the jewelry so that your recipient can clearly read the prayer. This is a unique kind of gift as well as jewelry for yourself.

2. Classic Pendants

Classics are actually timeless. Pendants in classic style are usually made of gold or silver and can have gemstones studded in it. Precious stones or pearls too can individually take the form of pendants which is a classic style. Classic pendants are versatile too as they can worn equally gracefully at a business meeting and in an informal party.

3. Various Shapes

When it comes to shapes, pendants have literally an innumerable variety in them. Their prices too range from as less as $1 to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon the materials used and the incrusted stones. You may find shapes like fish, flowers, birds, stars, cars, hearts and many more. While gifting this type of pendant, you can choose the shape as per the personality of your recipient. For example, for a football player, you can gift a pendant shaped like a football.

4. Medallion Pendants

Medallion pendants have an air of secret around them because this kind of pendant has two parts and small photos can be put inside. These are usually heart-shaped pendants and can be a great present especially for your sweetheart with yours and hers/his photos inside.

So, which pendant will you choose?