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fashion necklaceIf you love the look of the statement necklaces, but you are not quite sure how to style them, then you’ve come to the right place!

As we all know, fashion necklace is becoming one of the indispensable accessories for most modern ladies. Fashion women are enthusiastic about discovering the latest trend and closely follow it, wearing fashion accessories especially for fashion necklaces is for sure a fashion symbol for most women. But only wearing common fashion necklaces from purchased wholesale fashion jewelry boutiques is far from enough, women nowadays with the aspiration for making a statement not only as their personals but in the professional lives as well drives them to resort to statement necklaces. Statement Necklaces, for sure is a good accessory to achieve their goals on demonstrating women ‘statements, therefore the statement fashion is more and more thriving in the fashion jewelry industry and high fashion world.

It’s a rather tricky job mixing statement necklaces with day to day outfits. Perhaps, for some of us it’s a daunting task because we think it might attract a bit too much attention while for others getting just the right necklace for the night is nearly impossible. For that reason, we decided to create a list of six looks in which you can pair statement necklaces with different clothes and look at the top of your game.


1. Multi Layered Statement Necklaces


Multi layered statement necklaces are all the rage at the moment. One of the reasons for them being so hot and trendy this season is their flexible nature, they can be worn with casual, trendy and even formal outfits. However, you can get the ultimate classy look by pairing a layered necklace with V-necks as they give more room to the necklace to shine in all its mightiness!


2. Monochromatic Statement Necklace


If you are one of those happy go lucky people who love wearing bright colored outfits, then monochromatic statement necklaces are just the perfect accessory for your lively outfits! You can decide among rhinestones or vintage or bohemian inspired pieces because they all stand out due to their monochromatic schemes, unique designs and exclusively elaborate assemblage of metals and crystals.

fashion necklace

3. For Making a Statement at Office


We totally understand when you feel the need to accessorize but don’t want to wear something glittery and shiny to office but that’s just not appropriate, but with statement necklaces at your service you don’t have to worry even a bit! You can pair soft pastel colored statement necklaces with stripped collar shirts to make a point and yet look professional. And the most important fact is that these office lady statement necklaces can be easily accessed from wholesale necklaces stores.


4. Comfort Zone & Bling


For those of you who love being at the comfort of your tees and are on the verge of making a statement while staying in your all time comfy outfits then why hold back? Go big or go home! You can combine a chunkier heavy looking rhinestone necklace with a graphic black t-shirt or a smaller one depending on your mood. Go diva with your street style!


5. Go Minimal!


For people who prefer minimal accessorizing, they can opt for geometrical statement neck pieces. Perfectly designed geometrical designs give a soft yet elegant touch to your overall look. The clean lines of the geometrically shaped statement necklace can give your look a very stylish and sleek style. It’s the perfectly balanced accessory for your day to day looks. You can pair these with t shirts and tulles under it to get the modern chic look on point!


6. Statement Necklaces for a Revamped Look


We all have some old clothes that we think are old fashioned, but don’t want to get rid of them. Here’s what to do with those pieces; add a statement necklace that compliments that dress! Voila! You’re good to go.