Style Choices for Men’s Wedding Bands

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Men’s Wedding BandWhen it’s time to choose men’s wedding bands, everyone thinks that there are not many options available. However, there are quite a few options men can browse through. Star stylist Tom Kipling says that men don’t need to shy away from the shopping of wedding bands as they have much to ponder upon and consider. Here are your options, man!

Three Major Ring Styles for Men

When it comes to ring styles, there are three main styles to choose from.

1. Wedding Band

Although until the World War II only women used to wear them, wedding rings are today quite commonly flaunted by even men, preferably something rowdy like black tungsten rings. A woman used to wear it to signify that she has a man whom she’d wedded to protect her.

However the European style brought the change as Italian men used to show off a lot of jewelry. Then feminism fueled it up even more as both partners in a wedding relation were considered equal. As per Tom, a wedding ring tends to be a simple, clean band and is a symbol of commitment. Designs are more likely to be inward- than outward-facing: a carving against the skin is anytime more personal than a huge jewel.

2. Signet Ring

The authentic classic, the signet was worn first by the Ancient Egyptians, who used it as their stamp on official documents. The British used to engrave it with a back-to-front family crown; you’d stamp it with your signet while sealing a letter with wax to prove that it indeed came from you. Signets were traditional family heirlooms and symbolized rich roots. However, by the 19th century, signets lost some of their cache and became available to the common. Even today they are handed down within wealthy families, but also have all types of designs.

3. Fashion Rings

Some rings that men wear are only for tradition and not aesthetics. But they are rare. Thus everything else falls in the category of ‘fashion’, i.e. a ring that you wear just because you love its looks, and not because the tradition says that you should wear it. So, it’s the reflection of your personality and character. The beauty about these men’s wedding bands is that you can wear them on any finger, alone or along with other rings.

This offers you more scope for occult choices. New York-based men’s jewelry designer, Walsh Pringle advises men to ask themselves whether they’d have it for a lifetime. The answer will tell you how much you should invest. Ask an expert if you wish, but rely on your inner voice. If you’ve intuitively fallen in love with it, you are highly likely to wear it well.

Which Finger, Which Ring?

According to Walsh, ideally you should wear a ring in whatever way you wish. But still some connotations can be considered for different ring fingers.


Wearing a ring on your pinky has two benefits. Firstly, it doesn’t come in the way of what you’re doing and secondly, it doesn’t have any particular meaning, like tradition etc.

Ring Finger

As its name suggests, this finger is the one where mostly men’s wedding bands are worn. In the US, Eastern Europe and UK, most men use left ring finger to wear the ring. But you can use any hand that you find comfortable to wear a ring upon. E.g. if you are a lefty, it’s comfortable to wear it on the right hand’s ring finger.

Middle Finger

Middle finger is perhaps the last choice to wear a ring, i.e. when all other fingers are full. It may be because the finger is so big that a dainty ring on it looks odd.

Index Finger

Index finger is historically home to a ring: a family crest or signet, worn by nobility. These days anyone can wear a ring on the index finger, but choosing a big one like black tungsten rings is a good idea.


Your thumb being big, obviously needs a chunky ring. However, thumb rings are less common which also means that you get a novel location to wear a statement ring.

Men don’t need to stay behind when it comes to wearing wedding bands. Go ahead and choose your favorite!