5 Great Tips to Walk Gracefully in High Heels

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Shoes |

brown ankle bootiesA pair of high heels is a staple to your wardrobe, no doubt. They add an extra charm to your outfit to make it look great. But do you think that you can’t walk in heels? Well, that is not quite true. If you are newly trying to wear heels, you can learn how to walk in them. So, whether from a wholesale women’s heels market or a retailer, get a pair of fabulous heels. We are here to give you useful tips on how to use them gracefully.

Don’t think that it’s only you who is daunted about how to walk in heels. There are lots of other gals too with the same problem. You should remember that you won’t learn it by just reading this article; you will need a lot of practice. It’s only practice that will make you strut like a pro even in the highest of heels.

1. Begin with Small

If you are totally new to heels, it’s never wise to get your very first pair of 5 inch height. Such high shoes in the very first attempt will naturally cause you a lot of pain and even injury. Starting with 2 inches of height is advisable so that you can get use to the height of shoes.

grey ankle heel

2. Don’t Walk Toe to Heel, but Heel to Toe

You might get tempted to take steps with your entire foot put down at once, but don’t! It will make your walk look weird in heels. Put first your heel down and then your toe. This will not only make your walk look more natural, but also offer you more balance.

3. Walk with Smaller Steps

Actually heels will naturally make your steps smaller and it’s better for you. You cannot expect to walk as fast as you walk in your normal shoes or barefoot.

4. Walk on an Imaginary Straight Line

Imagine a straight line before you and walk on it; this will bring your one foot before the other. You can even draw an actual straight line on the floor and practice walking on it.

red ankle heels

5. Observe Models

Watch fashion shows on TV or download a video of one from YouTube and watch how models walk in high heels. While models walk on the catwalk in an exaggerated way from real life, you can practice walking in the same way but tone it a little to make it look natural and practical.

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