Top Tips on How to Wear Sneakers in Style

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custom JordansIf you are using your sneakers only for gym, you are underestimating them. The fact is you can wear your sneakers in style provided you know how to do it. Here are a few tips.

Basic Rules to Remember


No matter what type of sneakers you have chosen, you should follow a few basic rules about how to wear them.

Choose Sneakers Suitable to Your Wardrobe: There is no fun in buying the latest style of sneakers if it doesn’t go with your style. Don’t catch the style train only because it is passing by. Select shoes that will complement what you already have, not those who would require you to change your entire wardrobe.

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Keep Them Clean: It’s actually needless to mention that no matter how stylish your sneakers are and how stylish you have made them with the above trick of customization, their effect is lost if they are not clean. Your sneakers need proper maintenance which includes washing laces, brushing the outsole, eliminating odors, and using sneaker shields and shoe trees.

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Types of Sneakers


Sneakers come in a range of sizes and shapes today. It’s natural to get overwhelmed with such a wide range available. To know which type will suit you the best, you should first know the different types of sneakers. Here they are:

Basic Sneakers: These are the Vans, Converse etc kinds. They are sometimes available in leather, but typically they come in canvas and in basic colors. They are typically affordable and easy to wear and maintain.

Refined Luxury Sneakers: These may resemble a bit with the basic sneakers; however, they are pricier and usually made from leather or suede.

Classic Sports Sneakers: Remember those old school sports shoes from Nike, Reebok, Tiger and Asics? They are today kept safely in home shoe collections.

Current Sports Sneakers: These are again Nike, Puma and Adidas, but with modern shapes and styling.

High-fashion Sneakers: These are produced by brands like Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, and even Giuseppe Zanotti, and they are designed to be noticed.

High-tech: This special category has not been recognized universally yet, but it’s for the likes of Rick Owens and other designers who are actually pushing the limits of design of sneakers.

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How to Get the Best Look with Sneakers


Basic classics are the most versatile and casual sneakers that work with chinos, denim and shorts of virtually any color and shade. But they should be kept exclusively for casual events.

Refined luxury sneakers can be worn with slim denim, tailored trousers, chinos and sometimes even unstructured casual suiting. It’s better to avoid them with shorts as they are often bulky as compared to the basic canvas sneakers. Smart shirts, basic tees and polos are all great options to wear with them.

The credit of starting the sneaker revolution goes to classic sports sneakers. Jordans, 90s, Pumps – these are your hip-hop street-going kicks that are just having color splash. They are perfect with loose tees, tapered-fit denim and casual outerwear.

Be careful with current sports sneakers as they can make or break your look. As far as you can, stick to the sneaker releases that are low profile with a trendy edge. Too sporty are bulky and not just right. Stay away from loose fitting denim with them. Instead go for slim Nudie chinos.

And you need not worry about how to wear sneakers in style as far as you can have custom Jordans. They will make you look always stylish!

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