Experimenting with Sundresses for Increasingly Stylish Look

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Clothing |

Sundresses are the apparel which every woman likes. There is no doubt that these dresses look good, but if we experiment with them, we can enhance their stylishness much more.

Sundresses are made from fabrics which are light, airy, soft, and absorb sweat. No wonder synthetic fibers are the most improper to wear in summer. Ideal fabric for sundresses is of course cotton. It is the most natural and hence permits air in and offers coolness. Linen and jersey-knit are also good for sundresses. Latest trend is of tie-dye sundresses.

A tie-dye sundress

Tie dye has become popular because the relaxed feeling it gives. To make it more stylish, a little experimentation can be done with empire cut waistline or other designs which will make the dress look fawning. A tie-dye maxi dress together with flats is perhaps perfect evening attire.




A belt looks awesome

A belt on long dresses makes the personality more stylish. If you have chosen the dress to be strapless maxi sundress, a belt makes a lot of difference. So also if you keep on changing the footwear with your sundresses they can change the entire appearance of the dress. While to hang out in evening, gladiator style shoes are the best, an elegant party should be attended wearing stilettos.


Variety in prints

While experimenting with sundresses you can also change fabrics and prints. You can have literally a variety in sundresses prints, like floral prints, motifs, geometrical patterns, abstract prints, animal prints, and many more. You can also experiment by mixing two different fabrics which also can make wonders.

While making different experiments you should also consider your body shape. Generally flaws in the waist area are more conspicuous and present a hiccup in wearing fitting dresses. In such cases, maxi dress having empire waistline is the best. If you want to highlight chest and hide waist, maxi sundress with triangle bodice is just apt.

Spaghetti straps

Straps is a great variety of design for sundresses. A halter style, a spaghetti strap or even one-shoulder strap present enough scope to bring diversity in your summer styles.





Elegant white

While considering colors of sundresses, white is perhaps universally preferred color for summer. Reason is obvious. It is the coolest, and moreover it is the most elegant. You can team a white sundress with jeans, leggings or shorts to give it a great look. However you can also wear plain white sundress, which too look equally great.

Nevertheless other colors too look awesome for sundresses. Especially on beaches, multicolored sundresses give that stress-free vacation feel. On the other hand plain blue, pink, mint green, tangerine or yellow are also amazing for sundresses.



While choosing a sundress with a particular occasion in mind, a neck spaghetti halter sundress with sports shoes is perfect for a casual appointment. This is even perfect while going to a club to meet your friends and acquaintances.

Accessories for sundresses

And of course there are a lot of accessories available on the market to make your sundresses more and more stylish. Belts, purses, sunglasses, jewelry and many other accessories make you look trendy. It is just needed to apply a little creativity and keep on experimenting.