7 Easy Tips to Choose Clothes to Spice up Your Wardrobe

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Fashion BeholdChoosing clothes to look beautiful and trendy is perhaps the most confusing task for a fashion-loving girl. Even if you visit a clothing store with a definite idea in mind, once you get there, you’re bound to get confused regarding where to start. There are so many varied styles, brands, colors, patterns and sizes that you may easily get overwhelmed. Here we can make your job a little easy by introducing you to a clothes store, Fashion Behold, where you’ll find a range of dresses, but we’ll give you tips on how to decide what looks good on you and how to choose a dress depending on such factors.

1. Considering Your Figure

While considering your figure, you should decide what you want to emphasize. You can choose a dress to make certain features of your figure look bigger or smaller, or more obvious or less noticeable.

dress for slim waist at Fashion Behold

Note Your Measurements: It’s useful to keep your measurements noted in a notebook or better still on your phone, including your chest, waist and hip measurements. If you’re fortunate enough to have a slim waist, you can choose a dress to emphasize this feature. Fashion Behold has a great range of elastic waist dresses and belted dresses that are great for this purpose. Girls with slender, slim legs would like to flaunt their legs by choosing mini dresses and skater dresses which too are available on Fashion Behold in a great range.

belted dress at Fashion Behold

skater dress to show off legs at Fashion Behold

2. Trends Need Not be Followed Always

It’s natural for you to feel like being trendy. However, it’s not necessary that a current style will look good on you. In that case, never wear it. Design your own style and only choose trends that flatter your personality and figure.

At Fashion Behold, you can get various styles from which you can choose the best ones for you.

3. Colors

When it comes to choosing colors of outfits, you should choose ones that flatter your skin tone. Choose outfits that match your skin’s undertone. People with cool-toned skin look their best in cool colors, whereas those with warm undertones look great in warm colors. Fashion Behold has a great range of cool as well as warm colors of clothes.

floral pattern at Fashion Behold

Same is the case with patterns – there are floral patterns, geometrical patterns, abstract patterns, and animal patterns too.

abstract pattern at Fashion Behold

animal pattern at Fashion Behold

You can even choose clothes that incorporate complementary colors. These are colors that are positioned opposite each other on the color wheel, e.g., yellow is complementary to purple, orange is with blue and red is with green.

two colors dress at Fashion Behold

4. Buy Multiple Versions of Your Favorite Clothes

It’s a good idea to buy a few different versions of a certain great piece as that will allow you to amp up your wardrobe while sticking to the style you know works. You can work this idea smoothly at Fashion Behold because you’ll get multiple versions of some great dresses here.

layered dress at Fashion Beholdanother layered dress at Fashion Behold

5. Make Sure You Cover the Basics First

While choosing outfits, make sure you get pieces that you can wear on many different occasions. You want a wardrobe that can offer you pieces to wear from work to night outs without having a crowd of dresses that suit only one type of occasion.

6. Keep Your Current Wardrobe in Mind

Unless you buy complete outfits at the same time, don’t buy a piece unless you know what you’ll wear it with. Prior to buying a piece, envision one or more outfits using it and pieces you already have.

7. Diversify Your Clothes Collection

It’s easy for you to get inclined towards the same safe pieces. However, you may learn later that you have too many black dresses or dark-wash denim pants one person needs. Multiples of the same item can create an unnecessary bulk in your closet, making it difficult for you to get dressed. Instead, you want different styles and a diversified closet. At Fashion Behold, you have a large scope to bring great diversity to your wardrobe.

Choosing clothes should be a happy event in your life and not a stressful one. With an online shop like Fashion Behold, you can pleasurably make a great collection of outfits. We hope that the above tips will also be helpful to you!