3 Types of Necklace Extenders to Add Length or Style to Your Necklaces

Posted by on Nov 25, 2019 in Accessories |

sterling silver necklace extenderYou love necklaces and whenever you see a stunning one, you can’t resist yourself from buying it. But this time, you spotted an extremely attractive necklace and bought it in such a rush that you didn’t even check if it fits your neck. And alas, it’s short! So, now you are in despair! But you don’t need to be. Necklace extender is a perfect solution.

Necklace extenders add length to too-short necklaces. They can extend any necklace by 1 to 3.25 inches. And they are not only useful for extending too-short necklaces, but also you can extend your other necklaces with them to add versatility to your existing necklace collection. For example, you can use a sterling silver necklace extender to so many of your necklaces and wear the same pieces with various necklines. Here are a few of the types of necklace extenders.

1. Plain Chain Extenders

Chain extenders are available in various link styles and lengths. Some of these are simply basic chain segments with open links that can be easily hooked onto with a spring ring or lobster clasp at any point along the length. You can personalize them by adding a drop or bead or any other charm to the end or just leave them plain.

2. Fancy Chain Extenders

Fancy necklace extenders are embellished already for a finished look. Whenever you find a necklace too short for your taste, you can use this type of necklace extender. Or whenever you are short of time to swap out a chain or remake its design, you can use a fancy chain extender and bingo, your problem is solved.

3. Chain Extenders that Add a Special Touch

Chain extenders are not only for adding length to short necklaces. You can use them just to add a special touch and make your piece stand out. Thus you can use two necklace extenders, in combination with sterling beads and many other styles to add a finish to your necklace.

Chain extenders are inexpensive yet are of a lot of help. They can solve your problem of short necklace quickly and can also add a style to your jewelry. There are extenders made of sterling silver, 14-karat gold, rose-filled and rose gold-filled. There are also adjustable extenders that have adjustable slides to vary the length.

So, are you now happy that you can wear your beautiful necklace with the help of a necklace extender?